Google News Initiative Stories January 14

While local media might not get as much coverage as the national press, it serves an equally important role in society. That’s why the decline of local newsrooms in the U.S. has been a troublesome trend in recent years. The Google News Initiative is now partnering with WordPress to invest $1.2 million in creating a “fast, secure, low-cost publishing system tailor-made to the needs of small newsrooms” called Newspack.

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Google News Initiative Stories September 12, 2018

Earlier this year, Google launched a $300 million company-wide effort to support journalism by adding features throughout various products. Today, the Google News Initiative is offering 200,000 free G Suite licenses for local to medium-sized news organizations.

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Google News Initiative Stories July 31, 2018

Google Search results can now display tables from data journalism articles

With the Google News Initiative announced earlier this year, the company is working to support journalism with features throughout News, YouTube, and of course Search. A new feature today for the latter product will display data tables right at the top of result pages.

Google News Initiative Stories May 23, 2018

Google Trends updated w/ simpler design, infographics, & focus on curated data stories

As the name implies, Google Trends is a very useful service for finding what’s popular among users of the Search engine and generating historic term comparisons. Google is today introducing a new design that adds more data features for finding what’s trending, as well as a new focus on editorial content.

Google News Initiative Stories March 20, 2018

Google’s relationship with the news industry was occasionally contentious due to policies like “first click free” that could circumvent paywalls. However, in recent months, the company has deescalated some of those hostiles, with Google today unveiling a $300 million News Initiative to help the industry on a number of fronts.

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