Jetpack Compose Stories May 11

At its core, Google I/O has always been a developer-focused event. Here are the biggest announcements that Google made during the I/O developer keynote and beyond.

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Jetpack Compose Stories March 10

Google rewrote the Play Store’s UI with Jetpack Compose for up to 50% less code, faster rendering

Jetpack Compose is how Google wants Android developers to create app user interfaces going forward. Google today detailed how the Play Store leveraged Jetpack Compose for its UI rewrite.

Jetpack Compose Stories July 28, 2021

Google and Jetbrains have released the first stable build of Jetpack Compose 1.0, the new Kotlin-based UI framework for Android.

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The latest version of Android Studio, codenamed Arctic Fox, is now out of beta and includes the ability to easily pair Wear OS emulators, as well as a variety of new tools for Jetpack Compose.

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Jetpack Compose Stories May 18, 2021

Jetpack Compose is set to get its stable 1.0 release in July, with Google sharing that the framework is getting ready for the new “Material You” design language.

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Jetpack Compose Stories May 12, 2021

[Update: Winners] Android devs can win prizes in Google’s Jetpack Compose challenge

With Jetpack Compose entering beta today, the Android team is encouraging developers to learn about and “get ready to adopt” the modern toolkit for building native UI. To do so, Google is launching a monthlong Android Dev Challenge that includes Jetpack Compose-themed prizes.

Jetpack Compose Stories February 24, 2021

Jetpack Compose, Google and Jetbrain’s up-and-coming Kotlin-based UI toolkit for Android, is entering beta testing stage, meaning it’s now suitable for production-ready apps.

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Jetpack Compose Stories August 26, 2020

Jetpack Compose reaches Alpha ahead of full release next year

Last year at Google I/O, JetBrains and the Android team took the wraps off of Jetpack Compose, a modern way to craft the UI for Android apps, using Kotlin. Today, Jetpack Compose is launching its Alpha release, letting Android developers get a taste ahead of the full 1.0 release.

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