Android Developers Stories March 17

[Week 4: More Pixel 5] Android devs can win prizes in Google’s Jetpack Compose challenge

With Jetpack Compose entering beta today, the Android team is encouraging developers to learn about and “get ready to adopt” the modern toolkit for building native UI. To do so, Google is launching a monthlong Android Dev Challenge that includes Jetpack Compose-themed prizes.

Android Developers Stories February 25

Android has long offered an Activity Recognition API that processes device sensor data with machine learning models in a battery-efficient manner. Google is now offering an Android Sleep API to allow for the creation of more wellness apps.

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Android Developers Stories February 24

Jetpack Compose, Google and Jetbrain’s up-and-coming Kotlin-based UI toolkit for Android, is entering beta testing stage, meaning it’s now suitable for production-ready apps.

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Android Developers Stories April 26, 2018

Android Developers website gets a fresh coat of paint

Last night Google rolled out the revamped Gmail that featured a cleaned up design and new features. Sometime after that, they pushed out a similar new scheme.

Android Developers Stories May 18, 2017

Last weekend, Netflix was in the news because the company made it so that rooted devices and those with unlocked bootloaders could no longer download the application. Netflix quickly confirmed that it would start blocking the installation of the app from the Play Store for devices that didn’t pass Google’s Safety Net. Now, Google has updated the Google Play Console to make it easier for all developers to do the same thing…

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Android Developers Stories May 13, 2016

Google’s new developer site details best practices for scaling to billions of users

Google frequently says they’re working to get the next billion users online and onto its services. With seven different products that have a billion users, the company knows how to design for large audiences. To help Android and web developers do the same, Google has published a new site that details best practices for scaling to billions of users.

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