TP-Link Stories May 13, 2021

TP-Link upgrades its Assistant-integrated Kasa cameras, debuts cheaper smart plug

If you’re on the hunt for Google Assistant-integrated cameras and accessories, we’ve already mentioned how well TP-Link’s affordable Kasa lineup works. This week, TP-Link is upgrading some of its Kasa cameras with 2K resolution, and they’re available right now.

TP-Link Stories March 22, 2021

I love keeping a close eye on my home throughout the day with a series of security cameras around my property, with Google’s Nest at the core. The simple fact is, though, that Google’s system just doesn’t fit into every niche and ignores problems such as cost and local storage. That’s where TP-Link Kasa has come in, offering excellent and flexible hardware with an affordable cost and some of the best Google Assistant integration currently available.

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TP-Link Stories September 13, 2018

TP-Link Kasa smart power strip lets you control each plug with Google Assistant

Home control is one of the most used aspects of a smart speaker like Google Home, and today TP-Link is offering an awesome new option for controlling your home with the Kasa smart power strip.

TP-Link Stories March 28, 2017

Google Home and Google Assistant are ever maturing ecosystems, but they still lack in a major area — home automation. Since launch, Google has only made a couple of major additions to Assistant’s home control compatible products, but today the company is announcing new partnerships that open up the floodgates wide…

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TP-Link Stories January 6, 2017


Update 1/9: TP-Link has reached out to clarify that Google Home integration is expected in Q2 of 2017, not February.

Google Home’s portfolio of supported products has slowly been growing since its release, but several major players still aren’t supported. That’s soon to change, though, with the addition of Actions on Google. Today at CES 2017, we were able to confirm that TP-Link products will be supported by Google Home in the coming weeks, and got a chance to see them in action…

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TP-Link Stories October 27, 2015


After first unveiling OnHub in August, a new wireless router that intelligently finds the best connection for its user, today Google is announcing its second OnHub router hardware through a partnership with Asus. expand full story

TP-Link Stories September 5, 2015


While we’re off in Berlin at IFA, our good friend Mike “Detroit Borg” Kukielka got his hands on the $200 Google OnHub router manufactured by TP-Link. We’ve seen a lot of other reviews but this one is an excellent in-depth overview which hits all the right spots.

The TL;DR is that it is about as good a router you can buy but at $200 the differentiating features aren’t quite ready yet. Seems like a go especially if your home networking is currently lacking and you plan on living in Google’s home ecosystem in the future.  Pick up one at Amazon, Best Buy, NewEgg, Walmart, Google, or TP-Link .  Full video below

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