Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Stories November 13, 2018

When Samsung released the DeX solution alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ it seemed like a big stretch. Would people would want to tether their Android phone and create a pseudo-desktop experience that relied solely on the mobile OS? The announcement of Linux on DeX and subsequent beta for this might finally give the hardware a new lease of life.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Stories November 9, 2018

For years, we’ve all longed for the ultimate all-in-one style device that can be both a mobile phone and also full laptop or desktop computer experience. Samsung has offered its own Android-centric solution through DeX, which gives Android a better keyboard and mouse experience. Now Samsung seeks to take that a step further by turning your phone into a real computer with ‘Linux on DeX.’

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Stories August 6, 2018

Fortnite for Android is getting very close to release, and we’ve already learned a lot about Epic Games’ plans for the game on Google’s platform. Now, an APK has leaked out early, and it reveals a few more details.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Stories August 1, 2018

Over the past few weeks we’ve been hearing a lot about Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4, and today the company has made its latest flagship tablet offering official.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 leaks at Best Buy, confirms specs and $649 price, Google Assistant integration

Android tablets are pretty much dead, but here and there an OEM will launch a new option. Last year’s Galaxy Tab S3 is still considered one of the best Android slates out there, but it’s soon going to be replaced with the Galaxy Tab S4, and that device has just leaked out at Best Buy…

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Stories July 17, 2018

Android tablets aren’t really a thing anymore, especially as attention shifts to Chrome OS tablets. However, Samsung isn’t done quite yet, as it prepares to launch the Galaxy Tab S4. Today, we’re getting a full spec sheet on that upcoming tablet.

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