android open source project Stories December 11, 2018

Google has two operating systems intended for mobile devices (and more), Android, which we know and love, and Fuchsia, Google’s OS of the future. These two have just gotten further connected with the incorporation of the official Fuchsia SDK and a Fuchsia “device” into Android’s AOSP code.

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android open source project Stories November 9, 2018

In an interesting turn of events this Friday evening, the beginnings of support for the Java programming language has arrived for Fuchsia. Where things get interesting is that this change was found in Android’s code, not Fuchsia’s.

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android open source project Stories August 8, 2018

Google appoints new tech lead for Android Open Source Project

Shortly after the launch of Android 9 Pie earlier this week, Google pushed the source code for its latest mobile operating system to AOSP. Coinciding with the release, the company also named a new tech lead for the Android Open Source Project.

Android Pie source code details internal SystemUI customization platform

With the launch of Android 9 Pie on Monday also came the release of its source code. Inside that code is new documentation on an interesting feature that allows for the modification of basic Android UI. This system, called SystemUI Plugins, will help in the design process of future releases of Android.

android open source project Stories July 23, 2018

Google’s ‘AndroidX’ developer support libraries are now open-source

As part of the Android Jetpack announcement at I/O in May, Google unveiled a redesign for the Android Support Library, called AndroidX. Like its predecessor, AndroidX is designed to help developers maintain backward compatibility with old versions of Android. As announced on Reddit, these libraries are now open source, as part of AOSP.

android open source project Stories July 2, 2015

Artem Russakovskii: code tags are ‘no indication’ 2012 Nexus devices will get Android M

Update: Previous version of this story said the original post was from yesterday, when it was actually from June 11th. The story made its way to the /r/Android subreddit yesterday.

Last night a story bubbled up in the Android community that led many to believe that older Nexus devices – specifically the Nexus 4, 7, and 10 – would be receiving official updates to Android M, Google’s upcoming major release of Android. Artem Russakovskii from Android Police, however, has come out on Google+ to say that the evidence presented shows no indication that these devices will be updated.

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