Lenovo Smart Display Stories July 26

Google Assistant has been a core part of my life since its debut. Whether it be using my Google Home Max for music, timers, and controlling lights, using other Assistant speakers throughout my home for things like getting the weather when I get up in the morning, or using my phone for a quick answer to something trivial, I’ve come to depend on the voice assistant in my daily habits.

Early this year, Google revealed that Assistant would be arriving on a new form factor: Smart Displays. Now, the first one has arrived from Lenovo, and I’ve spent the past several days putting it through its paces.

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Google and Lenovo have today launched the first Google Assistant-powered Smart Display, appropriately named the Lenovo Smart Display. The new form factor brings a display to the Google Assistant you’re well familiar with.

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Lenovo Smart Display Stories January 12

We’ve seen a lot of Google Assistant powered speakers hit the market in the past few months, and even more made their debut at CES 2018. However, a new Assistant form factor entirely also made its debut this week: smart displays.

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Lenovo Smart Display Stories January 8

Google Home has proven to be a massive hit, but aside from better speakers and smaller designs, the form factor for Assistant speakers has largely remained unchanged between various releases. Now though, Lenovo is switching things up with the “Smart Display,” a new Home-esque device with a touchscreen…

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