google support Stories November 2, 2021

The Chromecast with Google TV offers a good user interface and experience but is rather hampered by only 8GB of storage. We, along with many others, have complained about this hardware limitation, and Google Support now offers a basic how-to on what to do “if you run out of storage on your Chromecast with Google TV.”

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google support Stories September 1, 2021

All consumer tech requires good consumer support, and Google today just revamped its “Nest Community” where people can get help by posting questions.

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google support Stories May 20, 2021

Google now has a dedicated ‘Google TV Community Forum’ for questions and support

Google TV launched last year on the new Chromecast, and it’s now being integrated into more televisions. As those sets launch, a dedicated Google TV Community Forum is now available for user questions and support. 

google support Stories March 13, 2020

Over the past week, Google has recommended that its employees in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa work from home. The coronavirus is now having an impact on customer support, with the Google Store and a handful of other related teams warning about longer support times.

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google support Stories August 15, 2019

When something goes wrong with your Pixel phone, the first thing you’d think to do is contact Google Support. But what do you do when — surprise, surprise — Google Support isn’t as helpful as you’d expect? For many, the answer is to turn to Reddit, and hope that one particular user and their “Reddit Requests” system will sympathize with your plea.

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google support Stories July 24, 2018

Google’s Material Theme has slowly been propagating across the company’s various sites and products (just today we told you about Google Sans coming to Chrome OS, in fact), and now it seems Google has pressed the launch button for the Support site redesign.

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google support Stories December 27, 2017

From Calendar to Finance to News, Google’s web apps have seen a fresh coat of paint throughout 2017. However, before the year’s end, the company is currently testing a redesign of Google Help that focuses on search and adds even more Material Design elements.

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google support Stories June 24, 2016

google support

According to a report this morning out of Android Police, Google is working on an app for live support on Nexus devices. Tentatively named “Google Support,” the app — think Amazon’s Mayday button — will allow users to quickly get help with their phones. This app also reportedly features the ability to share your screen with the real agent on the other end, making getting help just that much easier…

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