Windows 11 Stories November 18

Windows 11 just launched last month and apps are adding better support for the updated platform. This week, Google Chrome is rolling out an updated design for Windows 11.

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Windows 11 Stories November 17

How to set Google Chrome as your default browser on Windows 11

Google Chrome is an extremely powerful web browser. It becomes even more capable once you start adding extensions to make tasks easier and faster. Though, if you’re switching your default browser to Google Chrome on Windows 11, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Windows 11 Stories October 28

After Microsoft announced that Android apps would be natively supported in Windows 11, it was only a matter of time before the Google Play Store was enabled on the OS. As it turns out, that time was just a couple of weeks, as a clever workaround has already enabled the functionality.

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Windows 11 Stories October 20

Microsoft releasing Android app support on Windows 11 to Insiders, US only for now

Windows 11 saw its formal release earlier this month, but without support for Android apps as was announced early on. Today, Microsoft is changing that with the first Insiders build of Windows 11 that supports Android apps through the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 Stories August 31

Microsoft just announced that Windows 11 is launching on October 5 after a couple of months in beta, but the significant platform update will come without one of its notable features. At launch, Windows 11 users won’t be able to download Android apps from the Microsoft Store.

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Windows 11 Stories July 1

The skill of developers in the Android world is often incredibly impressive, especially when it comes to getting hardware to do things it shouldn’t. This week, one team managed to get Microsoft’s brand new Windows 11 platform installed on a OnePlus 6T.

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