Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Stories September 16

After a few months in testing, Microsoft officially launched “Project xCloud” this week as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The cloud streaming service is live now on most Android devices, but Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Game Pass won’t arrive on Android TV anytime soon.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Stories August 4

Razer launches Xbox edition of Kishi for Android controller, perfect for xCloud

Earlier this year, Razer launched a fantastic new controller for almost all Android phones with the Nintendo Switch-esque Razer Kishi. Now Razer is rereleasing the Kishi with a new design optimized for Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud.

[U: Sept. 15] Microsoft’s Project xCloud streaming going public in Sept. as part of Xbox Game Pass

The next big step in gaming is game streaming, as evidenced by Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia launching competing services. As Project xCloud readies its launch in September, Microsoft is finally explaining the service’s pricing and its integration with Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Stories July 22

Samsung has had a standing partnership with Microsoft, so today’s news shouldn’t come as any surprise. According to a report from WinFuture, the Galaxy Note 20 series will be marketing with Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming platform.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Stories June 22

Microsoft shutting down Mixer, connecting Xbox’s xCloud to Facebook Gaming

Microsoft is shutting down Mixer, its competitor to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, while moving both their partners and their xCloud game streaming service to Facebook Gaming.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Stories June 18

Like Stadia, Microsoft will upgrade the hardware behind xCloud in 2021 w/ Xbox Series X

Google Stadia is one of the first names people think of when it comes to game streaming, but a close second is Microsoft’s xCloud. Today, it’s been revealed that Microsoft plans to upgrade the backend of xCloud next year with hardware from the Xbox Series X.

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