Generative AI Stories March 14

OpenAI launches GPT-4 with image input and better accuracy, powers new Bing

ChatGPT took the world by storm last year with its impressive generative AI, but it was a product that was often fraught with factual errors. Today, OpenAI is announcing the next generation with GPT-4, which launches today.

Google Workspace announcing its first wave of AI products and features, including generative AI similar to ChatGPT being integrated directly into Google Docs.

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Generative AI Stories March 13

Generative AI has proven it has the public’s interest, with ChatGPT crossing the 100 million user barrier extremely quickly. And now, that technology has pushed Microsoft Bing to have 100 million daily active users.

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Generative AI Stories March 9

Grammarly adding ChatGPT-like AI to create text in your writing style, outlines, and more

Generative AI was made popular by ChatGPT at the end of 2022, and for the first few months of 2023, the floodgates have opened up for the technology. This week, grammar-checking tool Grammarly is announcing support for a generative AI tool that can write content in your personal writing style.

Generative AI Stories February 23

AI has taken the world by storm in recent months, and the next steps are still to come. For Google, though, further expansion of AI in Search by way of Bard could represent a huge increase in cost.

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Generative AI Stories February 22

The reinvented Bing fueled by ChatGPT certainly has a lot of interest, and Microsoft is now opening it up to a whole new set of users as Bing for Android and iOS opens up support for the AI experience.

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Generative AI Stories February 16

As Google prepares to launch Bard to the general public, the company is asking its employees to assist in training the AI by rewriting its bad answers.

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Generative AI Stories February 15

Microsoft launched its ChatGPT-enhanced Bing last week with some reasonably impressive demos, and as demand continues to grow, the company has further confirmed that it will eventually open the experience to more browsers.

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Generative AI Stories February 14

This month has seen the debut of Microsoft’s new Bing and Google’s Bard, and it’s also seen both AI search products make some crucial mistakes almost immediately. It really raises the question: Do you actually want to use AI search?

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Generative AI Stories February 12

ChatGPT made a huge impact when it debuted in late 2022, and as 2023 has begun, AI has been a big deal for Big Tech. And now, it’s also restarting the browser wars, as Opera is adding direct integration with ChatGPT, challenging both Microsoft and Google.

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Generative AI Stories February 10

Report: Google employees say Bard reveal was ‘botched’ while slamming CEO Sundar Pichai

Google pulled the cover off of its ChatGPT rival, Bard, earlier this week, but Google employees say that the debut was “rushed” and “botched,” and point the blame at CEO Sundar Pichai.

Over one million people are already waiting to try Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing

While Google is still a little ways out from the public debut of Bard, Microsoft this week showed off its AI-powered Bing, integrated with ChatGPT. And as it turns out, quite a few folks are interested in giving it a shot, with one million people on the “new Bing” waitlist in just the first couple of days.

Generative AI Stories February 9

Microsoft unveiled its ChatGPT-powered “new Bing” this week, and it certainly has the attention of many. But “new Bing” is also Microsoft’s latest way to try and get you to switch from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge.

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Generative AI Stories February 8

AI is set to change the game in some big ways in the near future, and AI-generated content is one of the more controversial elements. Now, Google is broaching the subject, confirming explicitly that AI-generated content isn’t against Search guidelines.

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Generative AI Stories February 7

Over the past few months, ChatGPT has changed the game in many ways, and the next step is with AI-powered chatbot experiences for search. However, those experiences are only as good as the information feeding them, so it’s time for Google to really put the hammer down on “SEO spam.”

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As expected, Microsoft today announced “the new Bing” that offers direct, AI-generated answers.

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Generative AI Stories February 6

Following Google’s Bard reveal, Microsoft confirms February 7 event with Bing & ChatGPT expected

Microsoft has announced a February 7 event where it will unveil “progress on a few exciting projects,” with Bing’s ChatGPT infusion expected to be among the updates shared.

Generative AI Stories February 3

The arrival of ChatGPT has led to a “code red” within Google and big changes on their way, but as reported last month, it seems Microsoft Bing will beat Google to the punch by simply integrating ChatGPT itself. Here’s what that will apparently look like.

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Generative AI Stories January 20

As ChatGPT took the world by storm in recent months, it’s also since come out that major publication CNET has been publishing articles written by AI. Apparently, Google Search won’t be penalizing that content.

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