Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Stories March 9

While the platform itself hasn’t changed much, the hardware powering Wear OS smartwatches has improved a fair bit over the past couple of years. Most notably, that includes the Snapdragon 4100 series of chips, which makes a huge difference and offers a worthy upgrade, too. That’s why the TicWatch Pro S is incredibly confusing.

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Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Stories March 6, 2020

[Update: Available in US] ‘Ticwatch Pro 2020’ adds 1GB of RAM to a Wear OS favorite

If battery life is your key concern, there’s no better Wear OS smartwatch for you than Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro. Now the Ticwatch Pro is getting a 2020 refresh with the same design, but with 1GB of RAM to improve performance.

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Stories October 22, 2019

Wear OS isn’t advancing much as a platform, but companies like Fossil and Mobvoi are making strides with their new hardware. Today, Mobvoi is rolling out a new app for its Wear OS-based TicWatch Pro series which delivers automatic sleep tracking.

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Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Stories July 26, 2019

[Update: TicWatch Pro] TicWatch C2, E2, S2 update promises lag fixes, app upgrades

Just over a week after launching its new TicWatch Pro 4G, Mobvoi is rolling out a fresh update to some of its previous watches. TicWatch C2, E2, and S2 owners can all expect an OTA to hit their wrists soon with some fixes and updates in tow.

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Stories July 3, 2019

Wear OS has a sore lack of watches with LTE, but it seems that could be changing very soon. A teaser page on Mobvoi’s website gives an early peek at the next TicWatch which we’re expecting to come with LTE connectivity.

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Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Stories June 13, 2019

New watches running Wear OS have been far and few between in recent months. Mobvoi, known for affordable smartwatches running the Google OS, appears to be working on a follow-up to the TicWatch Pro that notably features LTE in the U.S.

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Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Stories March 12, 2019

One of the biggest complaints of most smartwatches today is battery life. Almost any proper smartwatch lasts only a day or two before needing a charge. This is especially true on Wear OS, but Google is apparently trying to combat it. With the latest Google Fit update, some Wear OS watches will be able to use a battery saving low power GPS mode, and it launches on the Ticwatch Pro.

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Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Stories December 20, 2018

A few months ago, Google released a sorely needed Wear OS update which brought more focus to health tracking. This came along with a revamp of Google Fit. However, on the popular Mobvoi Ticwatch Wear OS smartwatches, the swipe gesture to access Google Fit was replaced. Now, users have the choice to bring it back.

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Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Stories July 27, 2018

Mobvoi recently released one of the very few dual-screen smartwatches onto the marketplace — which we gave a glowing review — packed with features that made their previous, more affordable, models slightly short of the complete package.

With that in mind, here’s five reasons why the Ticwatch Pro should be top of your smartwatch shopping list.

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Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Stories July 12, 2018

When you look at the smartwatch market you really only need to look at the Apple Watch and Samsung’s Gear lineup to know what’s good. There are hybrid watches, some great third-party options from companies like Fitbit, and a handful of decent Wear OS options. However, for years now Google’s wearable platform has just been… boring.

Really, that comes down to a few things that I’ll get to in a bit, but I think a company has finally discovered how to stand out, and it’s Mobvoi with the Ticwatch Pro.

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Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Stories July 10, 2018

After launching its Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E last year, Mobvoi is today officially launching the Ticwatch Pro. The dual-display smartwatch was first shown off earlier this year, and now it’s available to buy.

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Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Stories May 24, 2018

If you had to pick one thing as the weakest point of Wear OS, it’s definitely the battery life. Most Wear OS devices barely last a day, and there’s not much OEMs can do to fix that. Mobvoi, however, seems to have found a unique solution with its upcoming TicWatch Pro.

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