unity Stories June 29

Gaming is one of the last thoughts that surround traditionally low-powered Chromebooks, but as the platform continues to explode in popularity, it’s something that more and more people are looking to do. While cloud gaming fills a lot of the gaps, Unity is now making it possible for game developers to natively target Chrome OS.

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unity Stories January 29, 2020

Google has a lot of things to work on with Stadia right now, but perhaps its biggest task is getting more games on the service. The Unity 3D engine powers a lot of games available today, and with its latest release, the engine is making it easier to bring games to Google Stadia.

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unity Stories January 17, 2019

With more and more manufacturers creating “gaming” phones, and heavy hitters like Fortnite arriving on Android, it makes sense that Google would want to support developers any way they can. To that end, it seems Google is working on its own “Android Game SDK” based on Vulkan and the Android NDK.

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unity Stories June 19, 2018

Unity’s engine and technology is playing a big role in the current wave of 3D and virtual reality games. Google’s Cloud division today announced a strategic alliance with Unity to simplify game development that also sees the big developer migrate over its infrastructure to Google.

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unity Stories May 1, 2017

Google Tango had a strong start this year with a new device from Asus and the promise of new apps in 2017. Aiding in the latter’s development, Google announced today that the AR platform will soon be natively integrated with the Unity game engine.

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unity Stories December 3, 2015


Google has today launched the Google Cast Remote Display plugin for Unity, in hopes that developers will now be able to more easily bring their mobile games to the TV. This is the same plugin that many games on the Play Store — including Monopoly Here & Now, Risk, and more — already use…

Today we launched the Google Cast Remote Display plugin for Unity to make it easy to take your Unity games to TVs. The Google Cast Remote Display APIs use the powerful GPUs, CPUs and sensors of your Android or iOS mobile device to render a local display on your mobile device and a remote display on your TV.

Google says that, as of today, developers can download the new Remote Display plugin for Unity from both GitHub and the Unity Asset Store.

Developers with preexisting Unity games simply need to import the Remote Display package to their project, add the CastRemoteDisplayManager prefab, and configure cameras for the local and remote displays. More detailed information can be found at Google’s Developers Blog.

unity Stories December 10, 2014


Google today announced some updates for its Google Cardboard virtual reality experience that it says is now in the hands of around 500k people since launching in June (not including unofficial versions). The main updates include new SDKs for developers building experiences on Android and Unity and a dedicated section for virtual reality Cardboard apps in the Google Play store. expand full story

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