Xiaomi Mi Box Stories September 30, 2020

As we await the release of Google’s first Android TV-powered Chromecast device, it’s still worth noting that there are plenty of great quality, affordable options out there. One such affordable option — the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 — is now finally getting an update to Android Pie.

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Xiaomi Mi Box Stories March 25, 2019

Xiaomi Mi Box update delivers refresh rate switching, improvements for WiFi, Bluetooth remote

A few months after its successor hit the market, Xiaomi is now rolling out a welcome update for original Mi Box owners. The latest Xiaomi Mi Box update delivers refresh rate switching as well as some miscellaneous updates.

Xiaomi Mi Box Stories June 29, 2018

As Android TV grows in popularity, we’re expecting a lot of new hardware to hit the market. Apparently, Xiaomi is planning to launch a refreshed version of its 2016 Mi Box.

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Xiaomi Mi Box Stories June 26, 2018

Xiaomi Mi Box picking up Android Oreo update widely w/ redesigned homescreen

Android TV is by far my favorite platform for streaming, but updates have been a massive issue. From TV makers to set-top boxes, we rarely see devices updated beyond bug fixes or the occasional version upgrade. Now, though, Xiaomi is finally releasing Android Oreo for the Mi Box.

Xiaomi Mi Box Stories May 1, 2018

Beta users are receiving Android 8.0 Oreo on the Xiaomi Mi Box

The Nvidia Shield TV is one of the most popular Android TV set-top boxes on the market, but the company delayed its Oreo update due to the lack of updated apps. But according to several users beta testing software for the Mi Box, Xiaomi has decided to start pushing out the update to its hardware…

Xiaomi Mi Box Stories April 17, 2017

One of Xiaomi’s first big releases in the US was the Xiaomi Mi Box, an affordable 4K set-top box powered by Google’s Android TV. Since its debut, it’s been one of the better options for bringing Android TV to the big screen, but with one notable omission — Android Nougat. Now, a beta version of Nougat is finally available for the Mi Box.

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Xiaomi Mi Box Stories January 23, 2017

Android Basics: How to disable ‘Mi Box Recommends’ row on Xiaomi Mi Box

Android TV is a fantastic platform that has always been plagued by sub-par hardware. However, things are looking up as we enter 2017 with new options being released and a few excellent ones already on the market. One of those is the Xiaomi Mi Box, a 4K set top box that hits the sweet spot in pricing.

Xiaomi Mi Box Stories October 13, 2016


Since Android TV launched, it hasn’t seen a whole lot of success, and I think that’s been the fault of the hardware rather than the software. Android TV itself works well and has the majority of the apps you want are there. However, there’s never been anything super compelling in the hardware department.

The Nexus Player was decent, but overpriced and under specced. The NVIDIA SHIELD is awesome, but it’s expensive. And then there are the others you probably forgot about, like the Razer Forge.

Enter the Xiaomi Mi Box…

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Xiaomi Mi Box Stories October 3, 2016


We already knew pretty much everything there is to know about Xiaomi’s new Mi Box Android TV thanks in part to one Walmart that accidentally put it on the shelves early, but now you can officially get one for yourself. Announced back at Google I/O 2016, the Mi Box is now available on Xiaomi’s official website for — yes, you guessed it — $69…

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Xiaomi Mi Box Stories September 24, 2016


After first appearing on the shelves of some Walmarts just yesterday, Xiaomi’s yet-to-be-announced Mi Box has already popped up on YouTube. A guy by the name of George Garrett found the Mi Box at his local Walmart in Ohio and after picking it up brought it home to record his unboxing experience…

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Xiaomi Mi Box Stories September 23, 2016


It appears today is the day that all prices are leaking. Just after finding out about the Google WiFi and its $129 price, Google Home’s $129 price, and the $69 price of the 4K “Chromecast Ultra,” we now have our first clue of the price of Xiaomi’s previously-announced Mi Box Android TV. According to someone who spotted one of the shelf at Walmart, it will run for $69… expand full story

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