Samsung Galaxy S5 costs $256 to make, uses mostly “recycled components”


According to a teardown and component analysis by IHS (via Recode), Samsung’s flagship device costs roughly $256 to make. That price includes the bill of materials, as well as the estimated assembly cost.

In an interview with Re/code, the leader of this teardown Andrew Rassweiler noted that Samsung’s smartphones have been going up in cost. However, Rassweiler also stated that, “Inside we see mostly a lot of recycled components that we’ve seen before. There’s really nothing special inside where Samsung is pushing the envelope,” although he did give credit to Samsung for the water-resistant design.  Read more

Samsung launches Galaxy Ace Style with 4-inch display, 1.2 GHz processor, and Android KitKat


Samsung has just announced its newest Galaxy smartphone, the Ace Style. The new phone includes a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU, a 5 MP rear camera, and a 4-inch display.

The device also ships with 4 GB of internal storage and support for up to 64 GB microSD cards. In terms of memory, it includes half a gigabyte of RAM. Samsung’s custom Android skin, TouchWiz Essence, will run on top of KitKat, the latest version of Android.

The Galaxy Ace Style will be available later this month in gray and white. Samsung hasn’t provided any pricing details yet.

Video compares Galaxy S5′s heart rate sensor to Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s heart rate monitor apps

Samsung took a big step into the health and fitness market with its Galaxy S5. One of the device’s main selling points is its built-in heart rate sensor. This new feature allows users to check their heart rate using the preinstalled S Health app, but the truth is, nothing special is happening here. According to Samsung’s official Galaxy S5 page, it’s the first smartphone with a built-in heart rate sensor, but technically almost any device with a camera and flash is capable of providing this functionality. The same sensor is found on Samsung’s new Gear smart watch lineup and certainly makes more sense ona wearable device, but unfortunately it’s nothing more than a gimmick on the Galaxy S5.

The heart rate sensor found on the back is no different than what many third party apps have offered for quite some time. Runtastic’s Heart Rate Monitor app is a perfect example. This app uses the LED flash and camera on almost any smartphone to read your heart rate, and it works surprisingly well.

Read more

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom (K Zoom?) camera phone makes an appearance in leaked photo

Galaxy-S5-Zoom-K-ZoomEarlier this month some specs that looked a lot like a next-generation Galaxy Zoom camera phone device— a followup to last year’s Galaxy S4 Zoom— appeared in benchmark results. Today we get what might be our first look at the device with a new leaked image that popped up today on a sketchy looking blog that was discovered by PhoneArena.

While it does appear to be a next-generation Galaxy Zoom, the blog that leaked the image is referring to it as the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. Perhaps Samsung has plans to change up branding this time around or we could still be looking at a codename of sorts.

The leaker also confirms the previously leaked specs, which include a much thinner and lighter design, a 20MP shooter, 10x zoom, NFC, Android 4.4.2, a 1280×720 4.8-inch display, 2GB of RAM and a Samsung Exynos 5 Hexa CPU. The image also shows what looks a lot like the faux-leather material that Samsung has used on a lot of its recent Galaxy devices like the Note 3 Read more

Sprint starts Galaxy S5 pre-orders for $199 ahead of April 11th launch


This week both AT&T and T-Mobile have shared their launch plans for Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone, and this morning Sprint has released details for its customers as well.

Starting this morning, Sprint is taking reservations in its stores to be notified of Galaxy S5 availability on April 11th. Sprint will offer the Galaxy S5 in black or white for $0/down and 24 payments of $27 through its Sprint Easy Pay plan. This offer, in conjunction with signing up with a Sprint Framily plan, includes a 7″ Galaxy Tab 3 tablet with a 2-year contract and data plan for a limited time.

Sprint is also offering pre-orders for customers purchasing the Galaxy S5 through the traditional methods for $199 after a $50 reward card redeemed via a mail-in rebate… so $249 up front. Read more

Samsung’s gold Galaxy S5 launching exclusively on Vodafone for UK customers


If it’s the “copper gold” Galaxy S5 you’re waiting to get your hands on in the UK, Vodafone UK will carry the gold version of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone exclusively at launch along with the other colors offered for UK wireless subscribers.

While Samsung revealed the Galaxy S5 last month at Mobile World Congress and has since given us even more material to admire ahead of its availability, the company announced it would allow UK customers the chance to preorder the handset. Read more