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Ryan Kovatch is a writer and code digger for 9to5Google who specializes in web research. He is currently attending high school.


You can contact him at ryan@9to5mac.com or on Twitter at @ryank_43.

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November 8

As we near Stadia’s imminent launch, more is becoming clear about how it will work and what we can expect on the first day. Yesterday saw the release of the Stadia mobile app on the Play Store, and since then we’ve been digging into it for info on the highly anticipated cloud gaming platform. Google has commented on what we’ll be able to do with Stadia, but info on what Stadia features aren’t ready for launch is scarce. Here is a collection of evidence we found in the Stadia app that tells us what could come after November 19th’s launch.

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November 3

Exactly one month ago, we reported on a speed test feature being developed for Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. According to a Reddit post on r/googlehome, one user has noticed the feature appear after adding their first generation Google Wifi device to the new Home app.

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November 1

Google Keep is getting ready for integration with the Google Assistant on all platforms, as well as the ability to upload audio from web. We’ve managed to enable a few features on  Keep which show us how they work.

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October 17

An update pushed today for the Nest app contains hints towards a seasonal “themes” feature which allows the user to change the chime of their Nest Hello doorbell for a holiday season. For Halloween, which is a mere two weeks away, users will soon be able to enable a “Spooky sounds” theme.

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October 3

According to strings found in a build of the Nest Hub’s frontend software, Google is actively developing (and is nearing launch of) a new speed test feature for the popular Nest Hub smart display. The feature could possibly allow for troubleshooting connection issues when devices are unresponsive, or perhaps just exist as a standalone feature.

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