Michael Kors Stories January 7, 2020

Wear OS as a platform isn’t in the greatest shape, but Fossil has been churning out a ton of hardware over the past several months. At CES 2020, the Skagen Falster 3 has arrived alongside a plethora of refreshes to other Fossil watches, and personally, I like a lot of them.

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Michael Kors Stories December 30, 2019

The Michael Kors Access Lexington 2 is aimed more toward women, and the smartwatch is a solid fashion smartwatch — albeit with quite a steep entry cost.

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Michael Kors Stories September 5, 2019

With IFA 2019 in full swing, we’re getting new Wear OS watches, too. This morning, Michael Kors has announced three new additions to its Wear OS lineup with the Lexington 2, Bradshaw 2, and the fitness-focused MKGO.

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Michael Kors Stories April 23, 2019

[Update: Now available] Michael Kors Access ‘Sofie Heart Rate’ refresh adds NFC, GPS, heart rate monitoring

A lot of recent Wear OS releases have simply been revamped versions of already available hardware. Today, the Michael Kors Sofie is getting a 2.0 version, this time adding some much-requested extra features. Spoiler alert: it still doesn’t have a new chipset.

Michael Kors Stories November 20, 2018

Smartwatches come in an array of shapes, sizes, and styles. At the low-end, these are a utilitarian affair. Plastic dominates with quality not always top of the priorities list. That makes the Fossil-made Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatch all the more attractive to anyone wanting a more ‘high-end’ feeling wearable. expand full story

Michael Kors Stories August 13, 2018

Fossil Group is easily the biggest player in the Wear OS space today, and lately, we’ve seen a couple of refreshes from the company’s catalog. Today, the Michael Kors Runway is getting revamped with a lot of handy new additions…

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Michael Kors Stories January 26, 2018

Michael Kors Android Wear collection gets a fresh coat of paint with new color variants

We saw quite a few new Android Wear watches and variants announced back at CES 2018, and now, Michael Kors is jumping in on the fun with its new “Spring collection” of Sophie and Grayson watches.

Michael Kors Stories October 12, 2017

We say it every time there’s a new smartwatch to review: the entire product category of smartwatches is quickly becoming a dying breed as interest and sales dwindle. Luckily for those who still appreciate the convenience of accessible notifications on their wrist, Michael Kors released two new watches that blend fashionable design and modern software.

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Michael Kors Stories September 13, 2017

The smartwatch craze has seemingly already come and gone, but not everybody is as quick to dismiss the convenience of notifications at a glance. Michael Kors is just one in a long list of well-established designer brands that decided to start making smartwatches, and they’ve sent us their new Sofie and Grayson models to take a look at.

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Michael Kors Stories September 7, 2017

If you’re in the market for a new Android Wear smartwatch, the majority of options available to you come from fashion brands rather than tech-centric OEMs. Companies like Louis Vuitton and Fossil have already released Android Wear watches so far this year, and today, you can now order Micahel Kors’ two latest options — the Access Sofie and Access Grayson.

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Michael Kors Stories March 23, 2017

Today is seemingly Android Wear hardware day at Baselworld 2017, and that continues with Michael Kors’ new ‘Sofie’ and ‘Grayson’ additions to its Access smartwatch lineup.

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Michael Kors Stories October 25, 2016


One of the primary reasons smartwatches haven’t been selling very well is the lack of solid options. Over the past couple of months we’ve seen a few new Android Wear devices debut, and now those options have finally made their way into the Google Store.

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Michael Kors Stories September 6, 2016


Earlier this year Michael Kors revealed a new selection of Android Wear smartwatches in two styles. The “Dylan,” a watch for men, features a sporty look, with the all-metal “Bradshaw” being aimed at women. Now, they are finally available, both starting at $350 only in retail stores. They are available in 18 countries including the US and UK…

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Michael Kors Stories March 17, 2016

Michael Kors announces line of Android Wear devices starting at $395, available this fall

Michael Kors is the latest traditional watchmaker making an Android Wear device. Currently, the Michael Kors Access line features two watches, with more devices in different styles coming this fall. The fashion brand is aiming for the higher end market with watches starting at $395.

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