Fossil Stories June 30

Wear OS 3 will start rolling out to existing Snapdragon Wear 4100+ devices in the “mid to second half of 2022,” and we’ve now learned that Fossil is building a companion app for its watches.

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The Fossil Gen 6 has a new “Venture Edition” available for purchase which updates the design and included band on the Wear OS smartwatch.

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Fossil Stories June 6

Ahead of a device’s release, companies need to get approval from regulatory agencies like the FCC in the United States, as well as organizations like the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). In the last few months, new devices from Fossil have arrived at both of these groups, sparking rumors of Fossil’s Gen 7 Wear OS watches. However, that’s not what these new watches are set to be.

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Fossil Stories January 5

Alongside the launch of Skagen Falster Gen 6 and the Fossil x Razer smartwatch today, Wear OS’ long-standing partner is also announcing that Alexa is coming to Fossil smartwatches.

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Fossil and Razer create a limited edition Wear OS watch w/ Snapdragon 4100+

While Razer isn’t really a big name in the mobile space, the company often lends its branding to others for special edition products. This week, Fossil is introducing a limited edition version of its Gen 6 Wear OS watch that comes with Razer branding and a bright green band.

Fossil Stories December 6, 2021

According to new documentation, it appears that Fossil has canceled plans for a Gen 6 Diesel-branded Wear OS smartwatch.

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Fossil Stories September 27, 2021

Fossil Gen 6 is now available ahead of its future Wear OS 3 upgrade, here’s where to buy it

Google’s major Wear OS revamp is still only found on the Galaxy Watch 4, but if you want a smartwatch that works better with non-Samsung phones, there are only a few options. Today, Fossil has launched its Wear OS 3-compatible Gen 6 lineup, here’s where you can buy it.

Fossil Stories August 30, 2021

As teased, Fossil unveiled its Gen 6 line of Wear OS smartwatches today. Besides the latest stylings, the exterior is mostly unchanged, but there are a handful of internal upgrades.

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Fossil Stories August 27, 2021

Fossil says its Gen 6 Wear OS watches will be revealed on Monday

It’s not a secret that Fossil has new smartwatches incoming, but until this point a release date was unknown. Now, Fossil has started the countdown to a launch for the Fossil Gen 6 Wear OS watches with the release date set for next week.

Fossil Stories August 9, 2021

Back in June, the Fossil Group said it was releasing a premium “Gen 6” Wear OS watch this fall. Fossil today sent out an email teasing that “Gen 6 is coming” and that it would be “way faster.”

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Fossil Stories July 22, 2021

Wear OS is about to see its biggest update in years starting with the debut of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series next month. As Google clarified upgrade plans today, the company also revealed that the new Fossil Wear OS smartwatches will launch without Wear OS 3 and won’t be upgraded for several months.

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Fossil Stories July 20, 2021

Fossil has been the biggest supporter of Google’s Wear OS through all of the platform’s missteps, and now that things are finally headed in the right direction, the company is proud to say that it will debut more Wear OS smartwatches in 2021 with Qualcomm hardware under the hood.

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Fossil Stories June 5, 2021

For the past few years, Fossil has been the biggest Wear OS maker, given how various brands use the same underlying platform. In an interview today, Fossil revealed it was making a premium Gen 6 device leveraging the new Wear OS this fall.

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Fossil Stories March 7, 2021

At the tail end of last year, the Fossil Group started rolling out the latest system for Google’s wearable platform. It’s been a slow process, with H MR2 currently paused for Fossil Gen 5 Wear OS watches to address unspecified issues.

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Fossil Stories January 21, 2021

After being announced earlier this month at CES, Verizon has just put the new Fossil Gen 5 LTE up for sale in the United States, though it does come with one caveat.

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Fossil Stories January 11, 2021

The past two years have helped to improve Wear OS a fair bit, but the best is yet to come with the Snapdragon Wear 4100 series processors coming soon. Now, at CES 2021, Fossil is unveiling two new Gen 5 smart watches that don’t bring that new chip but, instead, add LTE support.

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Fossil Stories December 22, 2020

Fossil, one of the most prominent makers of Wear OS watches, is preparing a new Wear OS smartwatch with LTE, as spotted in a new FCC filing.

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Fossil Stories December 4, 2020

Fossil’s Wear OS smartwatches now come pre-loaded with Facer watchfaces

It’s all too common to see negativity about Google’s Wear OS platform out there, in quite a lot of cases for good reason. If there’s one thing Google got right, though, it’s the watchfaces that have grown to a huge library over the years. Now, the popular Facer app which has its own catalog of watchfaces is coming pre-loaded on Fossil smartwatches.

Fossil Stories December 1, 2020

Wear OS updates are pretty unpredictable. It’s usually unclear when they’re rolling out, how they’re rolling out, or if you even have them sometimes. Now, the latest Wear OS update, H-MR2, appears to be rolling out to many Fossil watches.

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Fossil Stories October 5, 2020

This year’s crop of Wear OS smartwatches had a couple of big highlights with perhaps the biggest being Fossil’s Gen 5 lineup. Options such as the Skagen Falster 3 really stood out compared to other Wear OS watches, but as usual, Fossil’s hardware doesn’t come cheap. Now, Fossil Gen 5E is delivering a more affordable smartwatch.

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Fossil Stories August 26, 2020

Earlier this month, Fossil released a huge update for its latest Wear OS catalog, but an issue hindering Google Pay quickly popped up. Now, Fossil is restarting the fall update with a Google Pay fix in tow.

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Fossil Stories August 21, 2020

Google Pay appears to be broken w/ Fossil Gen 5’s latest Wear OS update

Earlier this week a big update was announced for Fossil’s Gen 5 lineup, but it appears that’s caused an issue. Some users who have the update on Fossil Gen 5 watches are reporting issues with Google Pay.

Fossil Stories August 19, 2020

As hinted at over a week ago, the update for Fossil Gen 5 Wear OS smartwatches is now rolling out bring with it a slew of updated and enhanced health-tracking features.

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Fossil Stories August 10, 2020

Google’s Wear OS platform isn’t a huge success, but it powers quite a few solid smartwatches. Fossil is perhaps the biggest name currently on the platform, and now, Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches are preparing to add some new health features.

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Fossil Stories July 9, 2020

Five new Wear OS watches from Fossil have been listed with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), suggesting Gen 6 Fossil watches may be coming soon.

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Fossil Stories June 23, 2020

[Update: Fix available, ‘H MR1’] Latest Wear OS update for Fossil Sport breaks always-on display

Google’s Wear OS platform has gotten a bit better over the past few years, but as with any software, bugs can happen. Recently, the Fossil Sport picked up an update to Wear OS H, and it’s causing problems with the always-on display for many users.

Fossil Stories January 7, 2020

The best Wear OS smartwatch that hit the market in 2019 was the Fossil Gen 5 and, now, it’s getting an update in the new year. At CES 2020, Fossil Gen 5 is getting a Rose Gold color and a new, more sporty variant too.

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Wear OS as a platform isn’t in the greatest shape, but Fossil has been churning out a ton of hardware over the past several months. At CES 2020, the Skagen Falster 3 has arrived alongside a plethora of refreshes to other Fossil watches, and personally, I like a lot of them.

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Fossil Stories January 6, 2020

One of the best parts of Fossil’s new Gen 5 Wear OS smartwatches is the collection of special battery saver modes. If you own an older Fossil smartwatch, you’re in luck, because those modes are going to be ported to your watch later this year. Probably.

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Fossil Stories November 6, 2019

Hybrid smartwatches usually have great designs and battery life but at the sacrifice of intelligent interfaces and features. Today, Fossil is announcing a smartwatch that bridges the gap better than any we’ve seen. The Fossil Hybrid HR has 2-week battery life, an e-ink display, and even syncs with Google Fit.

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Fossil Stories October 18, 2019

Fossil’s Gen 5 smartwatch is the best Wear OS watch you can buy right now, and this week it’s getting a little bit better on iOS. An update for Fossil Gen 5 that’s rolling out right now lets the watch make phone calls if it’s connected to an iPhone.

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Fossil Stories October 5, 2019

The biggest name in Wear OS is Fossil, and the company isn’t showing any signs of slowing down with Google’s platform, either. While Google basically ignores its existence, Fossil is pumping out hardware, and now making some modifications to the software, too. The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is currently the best Wear OS has to offer — it’s just a shame that it’s still not enough for most people.

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Fossil Stories September 17, 2019

According to a report yesterday, Google earlier this year bought Fossil’s hybrid smartwatch technology mixing analog hands and screens. Such a wearable from Fossil has now emerged and it’s possibly running Wear OS.

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Fossil Stories September 16, 2019

Back in January, Google made waves by purchasing “select smartwatch technology” from the Fossil Group. A new report today reveals that the acquisition was for movements used in hybrid watches, and casts some doubt on whether Google will actually leverage it for future first-party products.

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Fossil Stories September 6, 2019

The latest generation of Wear OS hardware has finally fixed some of the performance problems that have long plagued the platform. Today, Diesel and Emporio Armani are announcing new Wear OS smartwatches which both offer 1GB of RAM.

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Fossil Stories September 5, 2019

Known primarily for sportswear, Puma has now officially entered the smartwatch market with its first Wear OS device — the Puma Sport Connected.

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Fossil Stories August 5, 2019

With the debut of its latest Gen 5 Wear OS smartwatch, Fossil is also bringing something new to the table for the platform. With some smart battery saving modes, Fossil is promising “multiple” days of use out of a watch, all without killing core functionality such as your notifications.

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Fossil is the biggest name in Wear OS right now, but the specs on a lot of the company’s offerings have been a bit dissappointing. Today, Fossil is announcing its Gen 5 smartwatches with the Carlyle HR and Juliana HR, and they pack a ton of big improvements for the Wear OS hardware.

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Fossil Stories August 4, 2019

As we’re finding new Wear OS hardware with better performance, it seems Fossil is working on an upgrade as well. This weekend, a new Fossil Wear OS watch has leaked in some hands-on images, alongside a spec list that details 1GB of RAM and a Snapdragon Wear 3100.

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Fossil Stories June 19, 2019

The Fossil Group is responsible for the vast number of Wear OS devices, especially those from fashion brands. Sharing the same underlying hardware across different case designs, the next generation Fossil Wear OS watches have popped up at the FCC today.

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Fossil Stories May 2, 2019

The smartwatch market in 2019 is mainly the Apple Watch, with everyone else competing for scraps. While Apple’s popular wearable grew in market share year-over-year, the biggest player in Wear OS saw a loss. According to a new report, Fossil Group’s smartwatch efforts saw them lose share in the market.

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Fossil Stories March 20, 2019

Not too long ago we took a look at a similar high-end Wear OS option in the form of the Armani Exchange Connected. But for anyone not wanting a massive watch face, the Emporio Armani Connected might be a much more palatable option. expand full story

Fossil Stories January 19, 2019

Wear OS is a platform that’s gone from a pioneer in the industry to a stagnant, boring offering. Now, it’s finally back on the uptick with a fresh new design and a brand new chipset. The Fossil Sport is one of the first new watches with the Snapdragon Wear 3100 under the hood and it’s also the best Wear OS smartwatch for most people.

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Fossil Stories November 26, 2018

Wear OS has been in a rough spot for the past few years, but in terms of hardware, 2018 has actually been pretty great. We’ve seen some creative solutions to common complaints, as well as a new chipset that promises some major improvements over the next few years. Lately, I’ve been testing out the Fossil Q Explorist HR and the Skagen Falster 2, and I’ve got to say, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying both of them. Here’s what you need to know.

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Fossil Stories November 8, 2018

A lot of new Wear OS hardware has been hitting the market in recent weeks, but only a single watch has offered up Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset. Today, though, the Fossil Sport has been unveiled with the latest chipset and a fantastic starting price point as well.

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Fossil Stories June 21, 2018

Wear OS has already seen a number of changes this year from a rebrand to the Android P Developer Preview. Google’s wearable platform is still set for more upgrades with new Qualcomm chipsets coming this fall and the rumor of Made by Google watches. Till then, the FCC today revealed that Fossil’s next generation wearables include NFC.

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Fossil Stories April 20, 2018

I’ve never been shy about my distaste for what has become of “Android Wear,” and despite a recent rebrand, there’s still one very true thing about Google’s wearable OS – it gets the best hardware but the worst software. The Fossil Q Control is an incredible example of that.

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Fossil Stories November 14, 2017

If you thought there were a lot of Fossil-made Android Wear watches already on the market, we have a surprise for you as the company has released yet another: the Q Control. Like the ones before it, this smartwatch features a decent sized bezel, but it at least packs in a neat trick to help you scroll through the interface along with a built-in heart rate sensor…

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