Nokia 7 Plus Stories March 21, 2019

Some Nokia 7 Plus devices were sending data to China from Europe, infringing app since removed

Unfortunately, the stereotype of Chinese brands seeking to steal or at least procure your data by any means is set to continue after reports that certain European Nokia 7 Plus phones have been secretly sending detailed user data and information to China.

Nokia 7 Plus Stories September 28, 2018

Android 9 Pie is now rolling out to the Nokia 7 Plus in ‘phased rollout’

After a couple of delays, Nokia has today announced some good news. Nokia 7 Plus owners are beginning to pick up the final Android 9 Pie update starting today.

Nokia 7 Plus Stories September 26, 2018

Android 9 Pie update for Nokia 7 Plus gets delayed again due to ‘tricky’ bugs

The rollout of Android 9 Pie beyond Google’s Pixel devices has been relatively slow, with only a couple of others rolling out stable updates. Nokia has been working diligently on bringing Pie to the Nokia 7 Plus, but apparently, it’s been delayed again.

Nokia 7 Plus Stories September 20, 2018

Before Android 9 Pie’s final release, Digital Wellbeing was one of its most anticipated features. However, it’s never been clear if the feature would ever extend beyond Pixel devices. Today we’re getting our answer, as Wellbeing’s latest update adds support for Nokia 7 Plus users.

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Nokia 7 Plus Stories September 11, 2018

Nokia 7 Plus gets yet another Android 9 Pie beta release ahead of final, stable version

The Nokia 7 Plus was one of the first Android phones to get an Android 9 Pie beta, but it still hasn’t received a final version. While that was expected to come next in line, the most recent update has delivered yet another beta…

Nokia 7 Plus Stories August 21, 2018

Android 9 Pie upgrade for Nokia 7 Plus confirmed to arrive in September

Nokia has been an outstanding example of what other OEMs should strive to be like when it comes to updates, but major platform updates are still a somewhat slow process across the company’s portfolio. Thankfully, Android 9 Pie’s update is about to kick off, and it’s starting with the Nokia 7 Plus.

Nokia 7 Plus Stories June 25, 2018

Android P Beta 2/DP3 is now available to Nokia 7 Plus users

Google surprised us all back at I/O when it revealed that, for the first time, its developer preview of the next version of Android would be available for devices that aren’t Pixels. That included the popular Nokia 7 Plus, and now, an updated build is available for those users.

Nokia 7 Plus Stories February 25, 2018

Google kicked off its MWC with expanded rollouts and new features for Google Assistant and Lens. The company also teased Android One and Go announcements, with HMD Global’s Nokia today announcing new devices based on those two initiatives.

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Nokia 7 Plus Stories February 15, 2018

Nokia certainly made a splash last year with killer sales of its latest Android-powered smartphones. Now, as we approach MWC 2018, the company seemingly has a few more new devices up its sleeve.

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