Stadia Connect Stories June 6

During today’s Stadia Connect event, Google is revealing the answers to the big three questions people have been asking about Stadia—pricing, games, and launch info. We now know that Google Stadia will launch on a variety of devices later this November.

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Today’s the first Stadia Connect event, where Google is answering many of the questions we’ve been asking about their upcoming game streaming service ahead of E3. If you’re not able to watch along with the livestream event, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all thirty games Google announced during the Stadia Connect livestream.

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How to watch Google’s Stadia Connect w/ game and pricing reveals [Livestream]

Google announced its cloud-based gaming platform a few months ago and this week, we’re finally going to get more details. In the first Stadia Connect stream, Google will detail pricing, launch titles, and more. Here’s where to watch the first Stadia Connect live.

Stadia Connect Stories June 3

For the past several weeks, Google has been teasing that more details about Stadia are coming this summer. The company today announced a livestream event for Thursday, June 6th where the pricing model, game titles, and other details about the cloud streaming service are expected.

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