IPhone May 24

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During a trip to South Korea earlier this year, Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt was caught using an iPhone 6s to take pictures of Google’s AlphaGo AI system playing the world Go champion. At the time, this led many to wonder if Schmidt was always an iPhone user or if he just got caught red handed in a slip up. Speaking at Startup Fest in Amsterdam today, however, Schmidt admitted that he does in fact use an iPhone 6s.

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IPhone May 12

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With the announcement of the Apple Watch‘s “Force Touch” first and the iPhone 6s‘ 3D Touch after, Apple introduced a new, intriguing way to interact with our screens, matching interesting software features with the pressure-sensitive panel behind the actual display.

Predictably, despite some devices like Huawei‘s Mate S or ZTE‘s Axon Mini already supporting some sort of similar, proprietary technologies, Google was rumored to be working on a system-wide implementation for all Android OEMs to use. However, as Recode reports, the support for such a feature seems to have been put momentarily on hold…

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IPhone April 27

GOOG: 705.84

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IPhone April 21

GOOG: 759.14

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IPhone April 6

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IPhone April 5

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Reuters last month reported that Google has been bolstering its self-driving car team as of late, and now as April rolls in, we’ve uncovered some more information on new hires as the team continues to expand. In one case, Google has added an ex-Apple global supply manager for the iPhone and the Apple Watch to the self-driving car supply management team…

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