AMD Stories March 8

After 10 years, Chrome OS has become the second-most popular operating system for computers in the world, and as a result, we’re seeing more players in the place. In the past year or so, AMD has taken a bigger interest in Chromebooks, bringing its Ryzen chips to the platform. Over the past several weeks, we’ve had the chance to use one of the first AMD Ryzen Chromebooks and put it through its paces, and the results are a bit of a mixed bag.

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AMD Stories January 12

Samsung teases AMD GPU in its ‘next flagship,’ but not the Galaxy S21

In 2019, Samsung announced a partnership with AMD to beef up the GPU in its mobile devices. Today, at the launch event for the new Exynos 2100 processor, Samsung provided an update on that GPU, saying that the AMD chip will be in the company’s “next flagship.”

AMD Stories September 22, 2020

The Chromebook market has grown considerably over the past few years, but it’s mostly been dominated by Intel and MediaTek. In 2019, AMD stepped into the market with some entry-level chips, but this year, AMD is bringing both Ryzen and Athlon chips to Chromebooks.

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AMD this morning announced that it’s bringing Athlon and Ryzen chips to Chrome OS. HP is the first to unveil its AMD-powered Pro c645 Chromebook Enterprise, while also detailing the latest Intel Chromebox G3.

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AMD Stories July 15, 2019

AMD Link adds support for streaming PC games on Android TV

There’s no shortage of ways to stream your PC games to a nearby TV or even smartphone, but most of those require an NVIDIA GPU to do so. For those with an AMD setup, the AMD Link app now supports streaming PC games to Android TV.

AMD Stories June 3, 2019

We’re demanding more and more of our smartphones constantly, and rendering graphics is a huge part of that. With big games hitting Android more frequently, Samsung has just announced a partnership with AMD to bring some Radeon technology to its future smartphones.

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