AMD Stories July 15, 2019

AMD Link adds support for streaming PC games on Android TV

There’s no shortage of ways to stream your PC games to a nearby TV or even smartphone, but most of those require an NVIDIA GPU to do so. For those with an AMD setup, the AMD Link app now supports streaming PC games to Android TV.

AMD Stories June 3, 2019

We’re demanding more and more of our smartphones constantly, and rendering graphics is a huge part of that. With big games hitting Android more frequently, Samsung has just announced a partnership with AMD to bring some Radeon technology to its future smartphones.

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AMD Stories April 10, 2019

Earlier this year, AMD made a strong entry into the Chrome OS market, starting with affordable models from HP and Acer. Now it seems AMD has their sights set on further competing with Intel by bringing their more powerful Ryzen processors to upcoming Chromebooks.

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AMD Stories March 1, 2019

Google has been hard at work bringing Fuchsia to a wide variety of devices ranging from IoT devices like the Google Home Hub to more traditional computers like the Pixelbook. According to a new code change, the next devices to get the Fuchsia “tap” will be the newly released Chromebooks built with AMD processors, like the HP Chromebook 14 and Acer Chromebook 315.

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AMD Stories January 7, 2019

Yesterday, AMD made big waves in the Chromebook space by announcing its first processors for Google’s web-based operating system. The longtime chipmaker considers Chrome OS a growing market, and claims better performance than Intel at the entry-level.

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