Samsung Exynos Stories January 17

Following an unexplained delay last week, Samsung Electronics on Wednesday announced the Exynos 2200. The most significant aspect of this high-end mobile processor is the AMD RDNA 2-based Xclipse GPU.

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Samsung Exynos Stories January 12

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 is less than a month away according to the latest rumors, but there’s some confusion around its chipset. After Samsung went silent while it was supposed to be revealing its Exynos 2200 chipset yesterday, the company has confirmed that the chip has not been canceled and will still be on the Galaxy S22.

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Samsung Exynos Stories July 15, 2021

While software issues did plague Wear OS for years, the biggest problem the platform has faced has been underpowered chips provided by Qualcomm. It’s a problem we really hope to see the new reboot fix, and it seems that might indeed be the case. Today, a new report is detailing the “Exynos W920,” which will be the first chip used on the new Wear OS.

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Samsung Exynos Stories July 1, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE could rely even more on Exynos amid reported chip shortage issues

The Galaxy S20 FE was a hit thanks to its more expensive brethren, but the sequel is in limbo at the moment. Now, a new report claims that Samsung will have the Galaxy S21 FE rely more on Exynos processors exclusively amid the ongoing global chip shortage.

Samsung Exynos Stories June 1, 2021

AMD confirms it will bring RDNA2 graphics to Samsung Exynos processors later this year

During Computex 2021 today, AMD hosted an event to unveil its latest processors and graphics innovations. Alongside news about phones and even Teslas, AMD also confirmed that its partnership with Samsung Exynos will come to fruition later in 2021.

Samsung Exynos Stories November 2, 2020

[Update: Launch date] Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 1080 mid-range chipset confirmed

To the surprise of probably nobody out there, Samsung has confirmed its upcoming Exynos 1080 chipset designed for mid-range smartphones.

Samsung Exynos Stories April 3, 2020

Samsung’s Exynos team is ‘humiliated’ that the Galaxy S20 uses Snapdragon in Korea

Samsung’s in-house Exynos chipset is used in the Galaxy S20 series in some regions, much to the chagrin of some users. Now, a report from Korea reveals that Samsung’s Exynos team is “humiliated” that the S20 doesn’t use an Exynos processor in Samsung’s home country.

Samsung Exynos Stories November 30, 2011

Samsung is readying an improved version of the Exynos dual-core chip that will enable next year’s smartphones and tablets to pack in 3D stereoscopic displays with ultra-high resolutions, in addition to the faster graphics and speedier CPU performance. The new chip will be called the Exynos 5250, reports, and will utilize the Cortex A15 architecture from fables semiconductor design firm ARM Holdings.

It should clock in 14,000 DMIPS, Samsung said, twice the number of instructions compared to the typical ARM Cortex A9-based mobile chips such as Apple’s A5 silicon powering iPad 2 and iPhone 4S or Samsung’s own commonly used dual-core 1.4GHz Exynos 4210 silicon. Samsung did not say what graphics core the 5250 uses beyond mentioning a quadruple jump in graphics performance over the Exynos 4210. The 4210 uses the pretty darn fast Mali-400 GPU from ARM sporting four cores.

Note that Samsung two months ago announced a revised version of the Exynos 4210 chip, dubbed the Exynos 4212. It sports a 1.5GHz clock speed and a dual-core Cortex A9 processing core from ARM, among other things. The Exynos 5250 should make its way into Samsung’s high-end smartphones and tablets in the second quarter of 2012, when the 5250 is expected to go into mass production.

Four times faster graphics processing will let the new Exynos 5250 chip drive tablet displays with WQXGA resolutions of up to 2,560-by-1,600 pixels. Apple too is rumored to upgrade its market-leading iPad with a QXXGA display early next year with. Production of the Retina Display for iPad 3 has already started, the rumor has it. The Cupertino, California company is said to source panels from Samsung Electronic, LG Display and Sharp.

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Samsung Exynos Stories September 30, 2011

Samsung Electronics at the eighth annual Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum at the Westin Taipei Hotel yesterday unveiled an improved version of its Exynos system-on-a-chip solution for smartphones and tablets. The Exynos 4212 silicon is a successor to the 4210 processor which powers the company’s Galaxy S II smartphone. The new chip features a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processing core clocked at 1.5GHz (versus a 1.2GHz CPU core in the Exynos 4210). The Exynos 4212 will be manufactured using a 32-nanometer process so it should draw less power than its predecessor. It is also 30 percent more efficient, Samsung claims, and sports a 50 percent better graphics performance.

Unfortunately, the company wouldn’t say which graphics processor unit the new Exynos 4212 chip is utilizing. For comparison, the Exynos 4210 in the Galaxy S II smartphone packs in graphics processing unit based on the quad-core Mali-400 core from ARM Holdings, a fables chip maker from the UK. It’s the fastest GPU in any current smartphone, benchmarks show. However, the Mali-400 GPU core falls short in the triangle throughput tests, which is a major disadvantage over the iPad 2′s A5 processor that clocks nine times the graphics performance of the original iPad’s A4 chip.

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