Google India Stories June 28, 2021

As we spotted in development last year, Google Messages will now “automatically sort your messages into categories.” This feature, along with auto-deleting one-time passwords (OTPs), is rolling out starting in India.

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Google India Stories May 17, 2021

Last year, Google announced a $1 billion licensing program to support publishers and surface new card-based content across services. Google News Showcase is now coming to India.

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Google India Stories March 11, 2021

For the past several years, Google has not provided meaningful details about the progress of its smartphone division beyond occasionally touting the popularity of its cheaper devices. A new report today sheds some light on the Pixel line, including the 4a, in India.

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Google India Stories November 22, 2020

The Google Opinion Rewards app has long allowed users to answer questions and surveys in exchange for Play Store credits. Google is now trialing “Task Mate” in India to “earn money doing simple tasks on your smartphone.” 

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Google India Stories July 20, 2020

On Android and iOS, you can point Google Lens at a street sign or document to have it translated and read aloud. Google is now bringing Lens to smart feature phones running KaiOS in India.

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Google India Stories July 15, 2020

On Monday, Google announced that it would invest $10 billion in India’s digital economy over the coming years. The first move by this Google For India Digitization Fund is a $4.5 billion Jio investment and Android partnership.

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Google India Stories December 13, 2019

Over the past 18 months, YouTube Premium and Music Premium has expanded around the world. Rolled out to India in March, the Google video site is particularly popular and competitive.

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Google India Stories September 19, 2019

At Google for India 2019 today, the company announced an Assistant phone line for the country and the Google Pay Spot platform. Meanwhile, more Indian languages are coming to Google products, while an Assistant interpreter mode for Android was detailed.

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Google’s efforts with payments for India were merged into the Google Pay app not long ago, and today the company is announcing a revamp. With the new “Spot” platform for Google Pay, businesses can craft an experience for their customers within the app.

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Google Assistant is currently the most powerful voice assistant on the planet, but it’s useless without an internet connection. To help those who want to get answers from the Assistant, Google has partnered with Vodafone in India to give the service a dedicated phone line to access Google Assistant.

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Google India Stories September 16, 2019

Amid a slew of Android TV developments over the weekend, Google is announcing one more. In India, Android-powered set-top devices are adding a Data Saver to reduce usage and extend watch time, as well as a handful of related features.

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Google India Stories April 2, 2019

Google’s head of India and SEA Rajan Anandan leaves after 8 years

Today Google’s head of India and South-East Asia has left the company. Rajan Anandan announced that after 8 years, he would be departing his role at Google to be filled by the company’s president of Asia Pacific.

Google India Stories February 11, 2019

In addition to making in-house hardware, Google in recent years has doubled down on internal chip development to reduce its dependency on traditional vendors, and offer a more integrated experience. A new report today details how Google is hiring aggressively in India to aid with the development process.

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Google India Stories December 13, 2018

Shopping is an important area for Google in light of major competition from Amazon. The company has worked to simplify voice shopping on Google Home, add style search to Lens, and expand its Express delivery service. Google Shopping today is getting a new home page, starting in India.

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Google India Stories August 28, 2018

India and similar developing countries in Southeast Asia and Africa are where Google expects the “Next Billion Users” to come online. Given the different environments, the company is optimizing and creating new products to suit those needs. Today, Google announced and expanded a slew of India-specific features, including Station, Google Go, Assistant, and more.

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Google India Stories July 9, 2018

Google this year published a series of internal AI training resources originally developed for its engineers. Since then, the Machine Learning Crash Course has been updated with an image classification practicum. This July, Google is bringing the program to India via in-person sessions.

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Google India Stories June 21, 2018

Google often develops products and adds new features designed for developing countries that have different factors and environments. The latest is aimed at making sure users always have fresh content to read. Chrome for Android can now automatically download content for offline viewing when connected to free and unmetered Wi-Fi networks.

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Google India Stories May 31, 2018

With the next billion users expected to come online from developing countries in Asia, Google has a specialized team focused on creating products suited for those consumers and available devices. The latest is called Neighbourly, a social network of sorts for querying your neighbors.

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Google India Stories April 30, 2018

Google Search in India adds Knowledge Graph cards to quickly find exam results

India is a very important market for tech companies, with Google referring to the entire region as where the “next billion users” will come from. To that extent, it has launched a number of specialized products, with the latest being Knowledge Graph cards in Search for exam results.

Google India Stories March 13, 2018

Google’s ‘Plus Codes’ are an open source, global alternative to street addresses

Google frequently touts that the “next billion users” will come from developing nations with different focuses and needs. To that end, the company has developed a number of optimized services, with one being a “simple and consistent addressing system that works across India and globally.

Google India Stories December 26, 2017

In addition to opening pop-up locations in Los Angeles and New York for the 2017 Made by Google lineup, the company opened a series of similar stores in India. Given the success of those pop-ups in the key market, Google is now reportedly considering opening brick-and-mortar stores.

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Google India Stories September 14, 2017

India, and the surrounding Southeast Asia region, is a special area of focus for Google given the potential for the “next billion users” originating there. As such, Google has created a number of country-specific apps and services, with the latest being a mobile payment service for India.

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Google India Stories August 1, 2017

India is a big focus for Google with numerous country-specific initiatives and app optimizations. Given how the growth potential also applies to developers in the country, Google today launched a “Made for India” program to feature optimized apps in the Play Store.

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Google India Stories April 27, 2017

Google Maps

Google Maps is the latest service to receive an India-specific update this week following Translate, Gboard, and Chrome. The Android app features a new home screen that loads faster and features new shortcuts for quick navigation.

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Google India Stories April 25, 2017

India is a big market for Google, with the company creating a number of new products specifically for the country. Today, Google released a number of Translate and language-focused updates for Chrome, Search, and more.

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Google India Stories August 10, 2015


Google is making a “massive” investment in its Android One program, designed to make pure Android devices available to customers in developing markets at affordable prices, reports the FT. It hopes “over the next few years” to bring down the retail price of Android One handsets in countries like India from the equivalent of $100 to somewhere in the $30-50 range.

Rajan Anandan, managing director in India and Southeast Asia, told the Financial Times that the company [recognized that the] much-hyped mobile standard had “not delivered to expectations” … 

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