Google Express Stories March 19, 2018

Google is offering a new service called Shopping Actions which will allow consumers to spot something they want in a Google search and then buy it through sponsored results alongside the organic results. The service is initially being piloted with Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Costco and other large chains, but will be open to smaller retailers too …

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Google Express Stories October 12, 2017

Google’s shopping service, Google Express, has been expanding quite a bit recently, and today that includes the launch of a partnership with Target.

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Google Express Stories August 22, 2017

Over the past few months, Google Express — the company’s same-day delivery service — has received a number of updates to drive usage against competitors like Amazon Prime. The latest sees the service drops its membership model completely, while adding large US retailer Walmart as a partner store.

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Google Express Stories April 12, 2017

Google this week has rolled out an update to its Google Express shopping app. The update brings the app to version 15.0 and includes a variety of changes and new features. Keep reading for a full breakdown of what’s new…

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Google Express Stories April 11, 2017

When Google Home launched, it — through Google Assistant — had the ability to take note of your shopping list and drop the information into Google Keep. Yesterday, Google dropped that system in exchange for a new one where and starting today, it’s live for most people…

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Google Express Stories October 26, 2016

Over the past several months Google has slowly been expanding its Google Express service to new regions, most recently the majority of the Northeastern US. Now the home delivery service has expanded yet again, this time to the majority of the country (via TechCrunch)…

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