Google Discover Stories April 14

The latest beta version of the Google app includes a redesign of the homescreen Discover feed on Android 12 that revamps the header and removes the search bar.

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Google Discover Stories April 2

Google Discover exists to the left of most Android homescreens, the dedicated Search app, and Chrome’s New Tab page. It’s meant to show articles, videos, and – increasingly – stories that are relevant to your interests. Publishers have been seeing significant drops in traffic from Google Discover, with many associating them with changes that have also impacted the quality of what appears. 

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Google Discover Stories March 28

Google Discover is increasingly showing old news and content for some

With Discover, Google wants to “help you uncover fresh and interesting content about things that matter to you.” Something appears to have recently changed with Google Discover as more than a few users are increasingly being served old news and more evergreen articles.

Google Discover Stories March 26

Over the past week, Google Discover has made two tweaks to the feed’s design. The first sees Posts on Google get a more prominent Discover layout, while sports carousels have been removed to improve usability.

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Google Discover Stories March 15

Google Discover shrinks weather info down to a chip

Google’s ever-present Discover feed is testing a minor design tweak that moves the weather from a wide strip down to a chip in the corner.

Google Discover Stories March 12

Google Discover gets auto-advancing slideshow ad format

Alongside web articles, YouTube videos, and Web Stories, advertising frequently appears in the Google feed available to the left of most Android homescreens. Google Discover is now getting a new ads slideshow format that automatically moves you to the next image.

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