accelerated mobile pages Stories December 30, 2018

Featured Snippets in Google Search provide users with direct answers and are leveraged during voice queries on Assistant and Home speakers. On the web, Google sometimes shows videos queued to the relevant timestamp and is now directly highlighting answers on AMP articles when users click-through to the full answer.

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accelerated mobile pages Stories September 20, 2018

Earlier this year, Google debuted AMP stories to compete with similar formats popularized by Snapchat and also found in Instagram. First appearing in Google Search, they are now available in the Google Feed on Android.

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accelerated mobile pages Stories September 18, 2018

Since its inception, Accelerated Mobile Pages has been criticized as a Google takeover of the web under the guise of speed. Of course, AMP is appreciably faster with wide adoption from a variety of publishers. Google is now hoping to alleviate that concern with an “open governance model” that cedes decision-making to third-parties.

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accelerated mobile pages Stories March 8, 2018

Launched in early 2016, Accelerated Mobile Pages have made their way throughout Google’s various web-facing products and services. Resulting in faster experiences, Google now wants to apply these learned lessons and speed benefits to the rest of the web with new standards.

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accelerated mobile pages Stories February 13, 2018

After introducing the Snapchat-like AMP story format, Google is bringing Accelerated Mobile Pages to emails — in what could “modernize one of the most popular places where people spend their time.” AMP for Email is an open spec that allows for more interactive experiences, with Gmail support expected later this year.

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How to find and use Google’s new AMP Stories on Android

Following in the footsteps of Instagram, Snapchat, and others, Google now allows users to tap through bite-size news stories within its search results page. Here’s how to find and use Google’s brand new AMP Stories

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