accelerated mobile pages Stories March 8

Launched in early 2016, Accelerated Mobile Pages have made their way throughout Google’s various web-facing products and services. Resulting in faster experiences, Google now wants to apply these learned lessons and speed benefits to the rest of the web with new standards.

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accelerated mobile pages Stories February 13

After introducing the Snapchat-like AMP story format, Google is bringing Accelerated Mobile Pages to emails — in what could “modernize one of the most popular places where people spend their time.” AMP for Email is an open spec that allows for more interactive experiences, with Gmail support expected later this year.

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How to find and use Google’s new AMP Stories on Android

Following in the footsteps of Instagram, Snapchat, and others, Google now allows users to tap through bite-size news stories within its search results page. Here’s how to find and use Google’s brand new AMP Stories

With the internet going mobile-first, companies and news publications are trying to find new ways to get information online in formats that readers will love. Google’s latest attempt at making this possible is something called AMP Stories. As the name implies, these resemble a mix of Instagram Stories and Snapchat’s Discovery section…

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accelerated mobile pages Stories January 8

Accelerated Mobile Pages are fast and extremely convenient primarily due to the wide adoption by publishers. However, one common complaint involving URL schemes has existed since its origin, and Google is finally tackling it.

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accelerated mobile pages Stories November 16, 2017

Since its launch in 2015, many publishers have adopted Accelerated Mobile Pages for the loading speed benefit they provide. However, some sites are using AMP as teaser pages that require a second click to view a full article. To combat this, Google Search is adopting a content parity requirement next year.

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