accelerated mobile pages Stories November 16

Since its launch in 2015, many publishers have adopted Accelerated Mobile Pages for the loading speed benefit they provide. However, some sites are using AMP as teaser pages that require a second click to view a full article. To combat this, Google Search is adopting a content parity requirement next year.

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accelerated mobile pages Stories October 5

Google testing new ‘Instant’ label for AMP pages in Search results

Google’s rumored Snapchat Discover and Instagram Stories competitor for publishers could launch as soon as this month. Rumored to be built on Accelerated Mobile Pages, it will allow sites to surface video and other rich content right in Search. In the mean time, Google has been spotted testing renaming AMP labels in Search results.

accelerated mobile pages Stories August 4

A day after news surfaced that Google was interested in buying Snap last year, a new report notes that Google is developing a “Snapchat-like media content” format based on AMP. Working with several partners, it will allow publishers to create Discover-like visual content similar to Stories.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

accelerated mobile pages Stories July 21

Several days ago, we ran a poll asking readers if they actually preferred using AMP links over loading the full website when reading something on their phones. While a majority answered that they were more inclined, some readers went to the comment section to voice why they actually prefer loading the entire web page. DeAMPify might just be the perfect app for them as it quickly converts all AMP links that have been tapped on into the full mobile site…

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accelerated mobile pages Stories July 17

Over the weekend, we noticed that the news articles that are served to users through Google Now are now Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP links take users to a stripped down version of a publisher’s website that only includes the news story, advertisements, and some site specific styling. What these give users is a clean and easy to read website that doesn’t use their data to load an entire mobile site.

Do you ever find yourself in situations where you would be more likely to click an AMP link rather than a regular one?

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accelerated mobile pages Stories July 14

Accelerated Mobile Pages have long appeared in Search results on the mobile web and Google app. However, they have noticeably been absent from the article-heavy Google Feed. Fortunately, it appears that AMP stories are finally appearing as Now cards on Android.

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