PlayStation Now Stories May 20

Bandwidth: Shadow gets a ‘Power Upgrade’ as Sony confirms dates for new PlayStation Plus

The lesser-known cloud gaming service Shadow is this week getting a “Power Upgrade,” with a new subscription option that adds the power of an RTX 3070 GPU and more.

PlayStation Now Stories May 6

In case you missed it, this week was May the 4th – a great excuse for every company to do something Star Wars-related. NVIDIA’s GeForce Now took that opportunity to bring three new Star Wars games to the table, including Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. To add, PlayStation Plus is starting to pad out its subscription service for existing and new gamers.

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PlayStation Now Stories March 4

This week, all the stars have aligned to bring tons of new games and features to the cloud gaming scene, whether that’s NVIDIA GeForce Now, Amazon’s Luna, or Xbox Cloud Gaming. In fact, Amazon Luna is finally available to everyone within the US with a fair price and adds the ability to stream to Twitch.

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PlayStation Now Stories February 4

Bandwidth: GeForce Now celebrates its second anniversary as GTA 6 becomes a reality

As cloud gaming continues its expansion, GeForce Now is celebrating the two year anniversary of its rebirth.

PlayStation Now Stories January 14

Bandwidth: Sony marks the beginning of the end for PlayStation Now as a standalone service

Sony isn’t known for its cloud gaming efforts, but PlayStation Now has provided players with access to cloud-streamed games. Ahead of bigger plans for subscriptions, though, Sony has marked the beginning of the end for PlayStation Now as a brand.

PlayStation Now Stories November 5, 2021

Bandwidth: Forza Horizon 5 will be available in the cloud on day one, PS Now announces new games

As cloud gaming continues to expand, Microsoft has this week confirmed more games that will be supported on xCloud including Forza Horizon 5 on launch day.

PlayStation Now Stories October 29, 2021

Bandwidth: GeForce Now’s 3080 tier seems to be the new gold standard for cloud gaming tech

The cloud gaming market has been very competitive over the past year or two, but Google Stadia was widely regarded as being the king of the streaming tech. Now, though, it seems Nvidia has the leg up with the performance of its new GeForce Now 3080 tier.

PlayStation Now Stories October 8, 2021

Bandwidth: Xbox adds Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and more, new PS Now additions

Cloud gaming as a whole continues to expand, and this week, several new games are joining the streaming race. That includes support for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on Xbox Game Pass as well as new additions to PlayStation Now and Amazon Luna, too.

PlayStation Now Stories October 1, 2021

Bandwidth: Xbox Game Pass adds Avengers, expands to Australia, Japan, and more

Xbox Game Pass has given cloud gaming some love this week, expanding the service to Australia and some other regions as well as bringing Marvel’s Avengers into the fold.

PlayStation Now Stories September 17, 2021

Bandwidth: PlayStation Now could head to Australia, Xbox cloud gaming comes to Windows

Cloud gaming is seeing upgrades from all sides this week. As Stadia added more games, so did Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna, and GeForce Now, but what might be most important is device expansion from Microsoft and the possible addition of streaming in Australia from PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Now Stories September 3, 2021

Bandwidth: PlayStation Now brings Final Fantasy, Craftopia on Game Pass, more

Outside of Stadia this week, there were some notable announcements in cloud gaming. That includes a big wave of Final Fantasy titles launching on PlayStation Now and more new games on Xbox Game Pass.

PlayStation Now Stories August 6, 2021

Bandwidth: Skate and more join Xbox Game Pass as August brings more to PS Now, GFN

With a new month starting, new games are heading to various cloud services. That includes Xbox Game Pass, which is adding EA’s Skate 3 for cloud streaming alongside others.

PlayStation Now Stories July 23, 2021

Bandwidth: Amazon Luna’s ‘Family Channel’ and new Xbox Game Pass additions

Each cloud service offers its own value and special abilities, and it seems that Amazon is working on a neat idea. Apparently, Amazon Luna is preparing a new “Family Channel” that recently appeared for some users.

PlayStation Now Stories July 9, 2021

Bandwidth: PS Now, Xbox Game Pass announce July additions as GFN, Luna add more titles

Outside of Stadia this week, cloud gaming has seen news of new games heading to most platforms, including Luna, GeForce Now, Xbox Game Pass, and PlayStation Now, too, for the month of July.

PlayStation Now Stories July 2, 2021

Bandwidth: God of War could return to the cloud PlayStation Now’s next batch of games

After announcing further commitment to its cloud gaming efforts recently, Sony is about to bring one of its best exclusives to PlayStation Now as a leaked ad reveals God of War is coming to the service.

PlayStation Now Stories June 4, 2021

Bandwidth: June games for PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass, and the latest GeForce Now additions

With a new month comes a refresh to the library for just about every cloud gaming platform. This week, Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now announced new additions for June as GeForce Now and Luna also added new titles. Here’s what you need to know.

PlayStation Now Stories May 28, 2021

Bandwidth: GeForce Now and Luna add new games; Sony plans to ‘strengthen’ PlayStation Now

Cloud gaming goes beyond Google Stadia. In our first installment of “Bandwidth,” we’re looking at new games added to GeForce Now, promised for Amazon Luna, and Sony’s plans to build on PlayStation Now.

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