Amazon Luna Stories Yesterday

Amazon Luna has become one of our favorite cloud gaming platforms with its ability to tie into Ubisoft+ and make PC games available wherever you are. Now, users can play those games even without a Ubisoft+ subscription – here’s how.

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Amazon Luna Stories December 6

Amazon Luna now bundles Family and Retro channels with $10/month Luna+ subscription

After launching integration with Ubisoft earlier today, Amazon Luna is bundling its Family and Retro channels in with Luna+ for the same cost.

Amazon Luna is one of the better cloud gaming options if you play a lot of Ubisoft titles, and it’s getting a big upgrade this week. You can now sync purchases on Luna to PC and play without a subscription.

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Amazon Luna Stories December 2

With what has been a lackluster few weeks, things seem to be picking up speed in the cloud. This week, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga comes to Xbox Cloud Gaming. On top of that, Boosteroid is the first platform to bring Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales to users.

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Amazon Luna Stories November 29

The cloud gaming market has been hit pretty hard following the death of Stadia and other roadblocks, and it seems Amazon’s Luna is going through some tough times too. Over the course of December 2022, Amazon Luna will lose nearly 50 games, on top of several others that left earlier this month.

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Amazon Luna Stories November 18

Sometimes it pays to be a GeForce Now member. This week, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is coming early to those who pre-ordered on Steam through GeForce Now.

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Amazon Luna Stories November 16

Samsung is bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now to 2021 smart TVs

Cloud gaming is upping in demand from users around the globe. With that, Samsung is bringing favorites like Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now to its older 2021 smart TVs.

Amazon starts cutting jobs through Alexa and Luna cloud gaming divisions

After a recent “cost-cutting review,” Amazon has started cutting jobs through the company, with layoffs quickly hitting those who worked with Amazon Alexa and Amazon Luna.

Amazon Luna Stories November 4

There’s no doubt cloud gaming is picking up even more speed as more companies develop ways to improve performance. This week, Xbox Cloud Gaming brought improvements to its PWAs on both ChromeOS and Linux devices.

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Amazon Luna Stories October 14

Gaming Chromebook just make sense – they don’t need incredibly powerful GPUs or fast processors. All they need is a solid internet connection, which is exactly what Cloud Gaming thrives on. GeForce Now is spearheading this venture with a new upgrade right in Chrome and up to a resolution of 1600p and 120 FPS.

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Amazon Luna Stories October 7

Shadow isn’t a name we hear all too often around here, mostly because the company is still expanding into more and more regions. This past week, Shadow’s cloud gaming service announced that it’s expanding into three new countries with some added benefits for users.

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Amazon Luna Stories October 4

Amazon Luna could be the perfect Stadia replacement for Ubisoft fans

Stadia is officially closing its doors, and with that, big developers like Ubisoft are scrambling to keep players on board that supported them through the dying service. As a direct result, Amazon Luna with a connected Ubisoft account could be the cloud gaming service that benefits the most from Stadia’s demise.

Amazon Luna Stories September 30

This week, some long awaited works in progress have finally come to the cloud in full. For one, Xbox Game Pass finally has the full version of Grounded ready to play. To add to that, Amazon Luna is bringing some other familiar titles to the cloud.

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Amazon Luna Stories September 29

Logitech G Cloud: Which games you can play on the newest cloud handheld?

Logitech recently announced the G Cloud, a fully self-sufficient handheld that’s made specifically to handle cloud-based games. So what can you play on the newest in cloud devices? This guide will take you through the Logitech G Cloud’s capabilities, including Xbox, GeForce Now, Stadia, and even Amazon Luna.

Amazon Luna Stories September 23

This week, Deathloop came to Xbox Game Pass. With that, both Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now will be ready to play on the Logitech G Cloud when it ships out. The G Cloud is a self-contained cloud-gaming device with an insane battery, though it comes with a hefty price tag.

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Amazon Luna Stories September 16

Cloud gaming is all about picking up an adventure and jumping in with no strings or cables attached. Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles is one of those games that lets you do that, and now, it’s becoming available on Amazon Luna, along with a couple of other titles. On top of that, GeForce Now has added a few familiar games to its lineup.

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Amazon Luna Stories September 13

Cloud gaming is extremely straightforward and has a unique pick-up-and-play factor to it. The GameSir X2 Pro is the latest Xbox-focused Android controller for cloud gaming, and it gives a little more power to the player in terms of customization.

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[U: Now avaialble] Samsung’s insane 55-inch curved gaming monitor has cloud services like Stadia built-in

Curved monitors are not uncommon for gaming, but they don’t always feel necessary. With its new Odyssey Ark, though, Samsung is offering a 55-inch curved monitor that is clearly meant for the ultimate PC gaming experience. And, the Odyssey Ark also happens to be the perfect hub for cloud gaming services.

Update: Samsung has officially opened up Odyssey Ark sales after pre-orders, more details below.

Amazon Luna Stories August 26

Gearing up for a new month, game streaming services are busy this week. GeForce Now is releasing a couple of new games on its platform, as well as adding new touch controls to Genshin Impact on mobile devices. On top of that, Amazon Luna is bringing some new games to its paid channels and free Prime Channel.

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Amazon Luna Stories August 24

Samsung’s latest gaming monitors have Google Stadia, GeForce Now, and more built-in

In the era of cloud gaming, you can get away with killer games without needing strong hardware to back them up. Now, Samsung is doubling down on that with support for cloud gaming services such as Google Stadia, GeForce Now, and Xbox Game Pass built into its new monitors.

Amazon Luna Stories August 12

GeForce Now is bringing a day-one release to the cloud service called Rumbleverse, a battle royale with a slight twist. On top of that, Worms Crazy Golf is finally available on Amazon Luna.

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Amazon Luna Stories August 5

This week marks a pretty hefty one where more games get sent up to the cloud and large companies like Microsoft start testing new features. Starting today, players in Ireland and Colombia will be able to test out a new feature that allows friends and family to share their Xbox Game Pass benefits.

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Amazon Luna Stories August 3

Samsung has been partnering with the biggest players in cloud-based gaming, adding support for game streaming in the new Samsung Gaming Hub. Joining that list today is Amazon Luna, one of the newest game streaming services on the block to join Samsung’s Gaming Hub.

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Amazon Luna Stories July 29

July is finally coming to a close, which means cloud gaming services are starting to announce their lineups for August. Amazon Luna has a few games in the pipeline, though mysteriously, is lacking in the Luna+ Channel. Boosteroid also has a couple of titles ready to play, including Multiversus.

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Amazon Luna Stories July 1

It’s finally happening! Cloud gaming is becoming mainstream and being delivered to even more users – especially those who use a Samsung TV. This week, the Samsung TV Gaming Hub launched with both Xbox and GeForce Now apps. Additionally, Amazon Luna unveils July’s lineup, including some pretty exciting titles.

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Amazon Luna Stories June 30

Earlier this year Samsung announced that it would release a “Gaming Hub” on its Tizen-based smart TVs, and now that feature is coming to life with support for cloud gaming through Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now at launch.

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Amazon Luna Stories June 17

Bandwidth: Amazon Luna prepares for Prime Day, GeForce Now gets Genshin Impact

Amazon this week announced its biggest event of the year, with Prime Day right around the corner. In preparation for that, Amazon Luna has its June lineup of free games, as well as a discount for its controller on Prime Day.

Amazon Luna Stories May 27

Facebook Gaming is a name in streaming you don’t hear much of these days. That may be changing soon with some new information coming to light about Crayta making its way to Facebook Gaming. As for Xbox, it looks like Keystone is in need of some extra time as the company develops the streaming device. On top of that, Amazon Luna outlines its gaming plans for June and GeForce Now brings the heat with some new games this week.

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Amazon Luna Stories May 13

Bandwidth: GeForce Now hits 1,300 supported games

This latest slew of games from GeForce Now marks a total of 1300 games supported to the streaming service. The title that marks this record for GeForce Now is Evil Dead: The Game, which will be available today on release.

Amazon Luna Stories April 29

This marks another week where streaming services are working hard to get as many titles as possible on their platform. GeForce Now is bringing the big guns and making Lost Ark available for its subscribers, while Amazon Luna and Xbox Game Pass are adding some truly enticing titles to their growing catalogs. Here’s what’s new.

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Amazon Luna Stories April 22

This week, NVIDIA GeForce Now is bringing some fan-favorite picks to its lineup of streamable games for you to finally play, such as the classic God of War. Amazon Luna, on the other hand, is adding some more titles to its gaming channels while Xbox Game Pass does the same.

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Amazon Luna Stories April 15

Xbox Game Pass is keeping up appearances by consistently updating its game offerings. To add this week, Game Pass is bringing an exciting and unique game to the table: Bugsnax. As for GeForce Now, well they’re still adding games like they do every week. The big one this week is Need For Speed HEAT.

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Amazon Luna Stories April 1

This week marks the introduction to PlayStation’s newest subscription service meant to take on Xbox Game Pass’ overall success. To add, Amazon Luna is finally adding the first round of game additions to its offering list, plus dishing out some free ones for Prime users.

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Amazon Luna Stories March 11

While most other cloud gaming services like GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming are quiet this week, Amazon Luna isn’t taking a break after just launching in full. In fact, Luna is bringing Immortals Fenyx Rising to Amazon Prime members for free, for a limited amount of time. To add, NVIDIA GeForce Now is also bringing monthly RTX 3080 memberships to the table.

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Amazon Luna Stories March 4

This week, all the stars have aligned to bring tons of new games and features to the cloud gaming scene, whether that’s NVIDIA GeForce Now, Amazon’s Luna, or Xbox Cloud Gaming. In fact, Amazon Luna is finally available to everyone within the US with a fair price and adds the ability to stream to Twitch.

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Amazon Luna Stories March 1

Amazon has long been testing out its cloud gaming service Luna in the United States, but only under an early access badge with invites needed to join in on the fun. Today, Amazon Luna is launching fully in the US, with a new higher price tag, more games on the service, and a new Prime gaming channel that offers free games every month.

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Amazon Luna Stories February 25

Bandwidth: PlayStation’s Xbox Game Pass competitor shapes up, Luna adding Sonic Colors

Subscriptions have become incredibly popular for gaming in recent years, and Xbox Game Pass has become king. Now, Sony is ramping up for its own version of Game Pass, with a subscription library and cloud games for the PlayStation. Now, some of the first details are coming out.

Amazon Luna Stories February 21

Google’s efforts in the cloud gaming space with Stadia started off with shooting for the stars, but quickly turned to the company shooting itself in the foot with missed expectations. The ideas Stadia had, though, remain pretty great, and now Amazon Luna is adopting one of them with a “Play on Luna” button appearing on Twitch.

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Amazon Luna Stories January 21

Bandwidth: Hitman Trilogy is now available with Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming

Microsoft announced the next batch of games headed to Xbox Game Pass this week, which includes the Hitman Trilogy, complete with cloud support.

Amazon Luna Stories January 7

Bandwidth: Rainbow Six Extraction will be streaming from Xbox Game Pass on launch day

Xbox Game Pass launched into 2022 with the reveal of a few new cloud-compatible games, including Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Extraction which will be available on Game Pass from day one.

Amazon Luna Stories December 24, 2021

Bandwidth: Far Cry 6 gets RTX support on GeForce Now

One of the most attractive parts of Nvidia’s GeForce Now is that it supports the ray-tracing graphics that other cloud gaming platforms do not, and now Far Cry 6 is adding support for the feature.

Amazon Luna Stories December 17, 2021

Bandwidth: Among Us joins Xbox cloud gaming, GeForce Now’s 3080 tier now available on demand

Among Us is expanding its availability in the cloud, this week coming to Xbox cloud gaming alongside a few other titles.

Amazon Luna Stories December 10, 2021

Bandwidth: Halo Infinite arrives on Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna adds new games

Microsoft’s cloud gaming push hit new heights this week, as one of Xbox’s biggest franchises made its way to xCloud. Halo Infinite is now available on Xbox Game Pass, complete with cloud support.

Amazon Luna Stories December 3, 2021

Bandwidth: Xbox cloud gamers love touchscreen controls, GeForce Now 3080 tier expands to Europe

Cloud gaming is useful for its ability to bring high-end console/PC games to any device, but as it turns out, mobile gameplay may be the biggest use case. This week, Microsoft released that 20% of users on Xbox cloud gaming are exclusively using the touchscreen controls.

Amazon Luna Stories November 26, 2021

Bandwidth: GeForce Now gets gift cards, Amazon Luna Black Friday offers

Nvidia this week announced just a handful of new titles for GeForce Now, but more notably the arrival of gift cards for the cloud gaming service.

Amazon Luna Stories November 19, 2021

Bandwidth: GeForce Now is beating Stadia to launch on LG’s WebOS TVs

LG TV owners are about to get a bonus, as Nvidia has just announced that a GeForce Now app is coming to WebOS TVs as soon as next week.

Amazon Luna Stories November 12, 2021

Bandwidth: Jurassic World Evolution 2 on GeForce Now, new Luna games, more

Nvidia’s GeForce Now is this week adding Jurassic World Evolution 2 to its ever-expanding library, as Amazon Luna and xCloud also make new additions.

Amazon Luna Stories October 29, 2021

Bandwidth: GeForce Now’s 3080 tier seems to be the new gold standard for cloud gaming tech

The cloud gaming market has been very competitive over the past year or two, but Google Stadia was widely regarded as being the king of the streaming tech. Now, though, it seems Nvidia has the leg up with the performance of its new GeForce Now 3080 tier.

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