Bandwidth Stories December 3

Bandwidth: Xbox cloud gamers love touchscreen controls, GeForce Now 3080 tier expands to Europe

Cloud gaming is useful for its ability to bring high-end console/PC games to any device, but as it turns out, mobile gameplay may be the biggest use case. This week, Microsoft released that 20% of users on Xbox cloud gaming are exclusively using the touchscreen controls.

Bandwidth Stories November 26

Bandwidth: GeForce Now gets gift cards, Amazon Luna Black Friday offers

Nvidia this week announced just a handful of new titles for GeForce Now, but more notably the arrival of gift cards for the cloud gaming service.

Bandwidth Stories November 19

Bandwidth: GeForce Now is beating Stadia to launch on LG’s WebOS TVs

LG TV owners are about to get a bonus, as Nvidia has just announced that a GeForce Now app is coming to WebOS TVs as soon as next week.

Bandwidth Stories November 12

Bandwidth: Jurassic World Evolution 2 on GeForce Now, new Luna games, more

Nvidia’s GeForce Now is this week adding Jurassic World Evolution 2 to its ever-expanding library, as Amazon Luna and xCloud also make new additions.

Bandwidth Stories November 5

Bandwidth: Forza Horizon 5 will be available in the cloud on day one, PS Now announces new games

As cloud gaming continues to expand, Microsoft has this week confirmed more games that will be supported on xCloud including Forza Horizon 5 on launch day.

Bandwidth Stories October 29

Bandwidth: GeForce Now’s 3080 tier seems to be the new gold standard for cloud gaming tech

The cloud gaming market has been very competitive over the past year or two, but Google Stadia was widely regarded as being the king of the streaming tech. Now, though, it seems Nvidia has the leg up with the performance of its new GeForce Now 3080 tier.

Bandwidth Stories October 22

Bandwidth: Amazon’s New World makes its cloud debut, just not on the company’s own Luna

Amazon’s first successful game, New World, is taking the community by storm lately and, just a few weeks after its debut, New World is coming to cloud gaming. However, it won’t be doing so on Amazon’s product…

Bandwidth Stories October 15

Bandwidth: Can it run Crysis? Now, just about everything does

The “can it run Crysis” joke has been around for ages and was born out of the game’s advanced graphics — at least for the time. Now, it takes on a new meaning, as GeForce Now is picking up the Crysis Remastered Trilogy, opening up access to the game to basically any device.

Bandwidth Stories October 8

Bandwidth: Xbox adds Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and more, new PS Now additions

Cloud gaming as a whole continues to expand, and this week, several new games are joining the streaming race. That includes support for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on Xbox Game Pass as well as new additions to PlayStation Now and Amazon Luna, too.

Bandwidth Stories October 1

Bandwidth: Xbox Game Pass adds Avengers, expands to Australia, Japan, and more

Xbox Game Pass has given cloud gaming some love this week, expanding the service to Australia and some other regions as well as bringing Marvel’s Avengers into the fold.

Bandwidth Stories September 24

Bandwidth: GeForce Now adds 12 new games including Kena: Bridge of Spirits

In a fairly quiet week for the gaming world, Nvidia GeForce Now announced it would be adding 12 new games including Sheltered 2, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and more.

Bandwidth Stories September 17

Bandwidth: PlayStation Now could head to Australia, Xbox cloud gaming comes to Windows

Cloud gaming is seeing upgrades from all sides this week. As Stadia added more games, so did Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna, and GeForce Now, but what might be most important is device expansion from Microsoft and the possible addition of streaming in Australia from PlayStation Now.

Bandwidth Stories September 10

Bandwidth: Football Manager 2022 returns to the cloud w/ Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass continues to be a force for good in cloud gaming as, this week, it’s been confirmed that Football Manager 2022 will continue to be available in the cloud with Xbox Game Pass upon its next release.

Bandwidth Stories September 3

Bandwidth: PlayStation Now brings Final Fantasy, Craftopia on Game Pass, more

Outside of Stadia this week, there were some notable announcements in cloud gaming. That includes a big wave of Final Fantasy titles launching on PlayStation Now and more new games on Xbox Game Pass.

Bandwidth Stories August 27

Bandwidth: Xbox Game Pass gets Psychonauts 2, console launch as others announce new games

As a new month approaches, cloud gaming platforms are announcing more big additions, but this week, it was Gamescom and releases like Psychonauts 2 on Xbox Game Pass that really made headlines.

Bandwidth Stories August 20

Bandwidth: Twelve Minutes, Star Wars Battlefront make cloud debut; Boosteroid coming to the US

Cloud gaming saw a few pretty big releases this week, and on Xbox Game Pass, that included the launch of Twelve Minutes and Star Wars Battlefront on the cloud. Further, Boosteroid has confirmed plans to launch in the United States.

Bandwidth Stories August 13

Bandwidth: Xbox Game Pass teases more additions as GeForce Now keeps growing

If you’re excited about cloud gaming, there’s good news, as some of the best places to play just keep expanding. This week, Xbox Game Pass announced a bunch of new additions including Stardew Valley, while GeForce Now just keeps adding more and more titles.

Bandwidth Stories August 6

Bandwidth: Skate and more join Xbox Game Pass as August brings more to PS Now, GFN

With a new month starting, new games are heading to various cloud services. That includes Xbox Game Pass, which is adding EA’s Skate 3 for cloud streaming alongside others.

Bandwidth Stories July 30

Bandwidth: Saints Row arrives on Amazon Luna, Facebook brings cloud games to iOS

Outside of Google Stadia, this week saw some big news in the cloud gaming space. That includes the arrival of Saints Row on Amazon Luna, new efforts from Facebook, and more.

Bandwidth Stories July 23

Bandwidth: Amazon Luna’s ‘Family Channel’ and new Xbox Game Pass additions

Each cloud service offers its own value and special abilities, and it seems that Amazon is working on a neat idea. Apparently, Amazon Luna is preparing a new “Family Channel” that recently appeared for some users.

Bandwidth Stories July 16

Bandwidth: Amazon Luna adds Dirt 5 as Netflix is expected to join the cloud gaming race

While there was a fair bit of news for Google Stadia this week, cloud gaming news from other platforms was relatively quiet. That didn’t stop new games from arriving on GeForce Now and Amazon Luna, though, with the latter getting Codemaster’s Dirt 5.

Bandwidth Stories July 9

Bandwidth: PS Now, Xbox Game Pass announce July additions as GFN, Luna add more titles

Outside of Stadia this week, cloud gaming has seen news of new games heading to most platforms, including Luna, GeForce Now, Xbox Game Pass, and PlayStation Now, too, for the month of July.

Bandwidth Stories July 2

Bandwidth: God of War could return to the cloud PlayStation Now’s next batch of games

After announcing further commitment to its cloud gaming efforts recently, Sony is about to bring one of its best exclusives to PlayStation Now as a leaked ad reveals God of War is coming to the service.

Bandwidth Stories June 25

Bandwidth: Xbox Game Pass and Amazon Luna announce July 2021 game additions

July is almost here, and with it, new games for Xbox Game Pass and Amazon Luna. Here’s what’s coming.

Bandwidth Stories June 18

Bandwidth: Xbox Game Pass dominates E3, plus new GeForce Now titles

E3 2021 brought a bunch of new game announcements, and while cloud gaming wasn’t a major focus of the event, Xbox Game Pass got some major wins. Here’s what you need to know.

Bandwidth Stories June 11

Bandwidth: GeForce Now will give Priority access for free during E3, xCloud takes aim at the TV

Nvidia GeForce Now is technically free, but the Priority tier makes it a far better experience. As a special promotion during E3 2021, GeForce Now will offer its upper tier for free for a limited time.

Bandwidth Stories June 4

Bandwidth: June games for PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass, and the latest GeForce Now additions

With a new month comes a refresh to the library for just about every cloud gaming platform. This week, Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now announced new additions for June as GeForce Now and Luna also added new titles. Here’s what you need to know.

Bandwidth Stories May 28

Bandwidth: GeForce Now and Luna add new games; Sony plans to ‘strengthen’ PlayStation Now

Cloud gaming goes beyond Google Stadia. In our first installment of “Bandwidth,” we’re looking at new games added to GeForce Now, promised for Amazon Luna, and Sony’s plans to build on PlayStation Now.

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