podcasts Stories May 3, 2018

NPR, public radio consortium acquires popular podcasting app Pocket Casts

In recent weeks, Google announced significant podcasting plans beginning with Search and Assistant integration, while it explores AI features for the future. The space was long brewing before the Google initiatives, and today a consortium of very well-known U.S. public radio stations is acquiring Pocket Casts.

podcasts Stories February 22, 2018

Anchor aims to be one-stop app to record, edit, host, publish & distribute podcasts

Anchor, an app that started out trying to create an audio version of Twitter, has now pivoted to becoming a one-stop app for podcasters. The relaunched app now allows anyone to record, edit, host, publish and distribute podcasts free of charge …

podcasts Stories March 7, 2017

For the past few years, YouTube has made original content in the form of TV shows and movies for its Red subscription service. Google Play Music is now getting in on the action with an original podcast about music. City Soundtracks focuses on “people, places and moments that shape our musical lives.”

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podcasts Stories April 20, 2016


Earlier this week, podcast listening, subscribing, and syncing features were finally added to Play Music. While that app update is still rolling out, the Google app for Android has just gained similar podcast listening features.

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podcasts Stories April 18, 2016


As leaked by NPR last week, podcasts are now live in Play Music. Google announced the feature last October and podcasters have since been able to upload their shows. Besides just subscribing and listening, Google will apply the same recommendation features for music to podcasts.

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podcasts Stories April 14, 2016

Podcasts reportedly coming to Google Play Music on April 18

Google announced in October that podcasts would be coming to Play Music. Since then, Google has been working with podcast networks and podcasters could begin adding their shows. According to NPR (via Android Police), Google will finally launch the feature on April 18th, this coming Monday.

podcasts Stories February 3, 2016


It wasn’t that long ago that rumors predicted that Google was planning to bring a new podcasts feature to its popular Play Music app. This would see Google add yet another media platform to its already large list of options available in the Play Store. With it already offering books, movies, music downloads and streaming, apps and games, it would mean Google would now offer virtually every kind of popular media. Popular podcaster, Bill Simmons confirmed the move on Twitter before taking down his tweet earlier today.

Thanks to Android Police, we now have a good idea as to what the podcasts user interface will look like and the features it’ll bring along with it…

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podcasts Stories January 19, 2016

Pocket Casts update adds ‘Ok, Google’ commands to play podcasts

From a good Material Design interface to implementation of new Android features, Pocket Casts is one of the best apps on the Play Store. The podcast player received an update today that added improved voice controls, Marshmallow support, and date-based filters.

podcasts Stories October 27, 2015


Google announced in a blog post today that it is finally bringing podcasts to its Google Play Music app. In order to make that happen, the company — now a subsidiary of Alphabet — has launched a tool for podcasters to upload their content. expand full story

podcasts Stories July 1, 2015

Player FM integrates Subscribe on Android for easily subscribing to podcasts

Player FM released version 2.6.4 of its podcast player to Google Play today, bringing with it integration of the Subscribe on Android protocol. The protocol was created to “give Android listeners the same One Click subscription experience that iOS and iTunes users have.” Basically, once you have Player FM installed, any raw XML podcast feed URLs you click will launch to Player FM where you can then subscribe to the podcast to get new episodes automatically downloaded as they’re published. It’s basically like deeplinking but works with far more URLs than deeplinking traditionally can, and is less convenient than Android app intents.

Deeplinking is a way through which constellations of apps can become more interconnected by quickly and seamlessly moving users between one another when specific links are pressed. And while Android M is bringing with it improved app linking so links from anywhere, not just from within a developer’s own apps, can launch to an app without needing to open the intents menu, this won’t work for URLs that aren’t owned by the developer. Feed URLs for podcasts found from around the web won’t just seamlessly open to your favorite podcast app, but with an app that uses Subscribe on Android like Player FM, they can. Mostly, at least, as Feedburner podcast feeds don’t seem to work.

You can get Player FM on the Play Store for free.

podcasts Stories June 19, 2015

Spotify 3.1 beta for Android arrives with new Running feature, audio/video shows, and more

After first announcing a handful of new features and redesigned apps last month for iOS users, today most of those features are arriving for the Spotify beta for Android ahead of a public release. The highlight changes include Spotify’s new Running feature that automatically detects an ideal tempo to creates playlist based on your running pace, more content, and a redesigned Now start page.

The update, version 3.1, also brings audio and video shows that were first introduced to web and iOS users last month in addition to other new content and UI tweaks throughout the app. The new content includes videos and podcasts from ABC, BBC, Comedy Central, Condé Nast Entertainment, ESPN, Fusion, Maker Studios, NBC, TED, Vice News, and more.

The new features are currently only available to users in the US, UK, Sweden and Germany, and will likely roll out to all users beyond Spotify’s beta channel in the near future.

(via AndroidPolice)

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