Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Stories Yesterday

Samsung’s Exynos team is ‘humiliated’ that the Galaxy S20 uses Snapdragon in Korea

Samsung’s in-house Exynos chipset is used in the Galaxy S20 series in some regions, much to the chagrin of some users. Now, a report from Korea reveals that Samsung’s Exynos team is “humiliated” that the S20 doesn’t use an Exynos processor in Samsung’s home country.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Stories April 2

With three distinct Samsung Galaxy S20 series devices to choose from, you might not know which the best option is for you to buy.

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Samsung is pretty good about regular security patches, especially for newer smartphones. This week, Samsung is rolling out the April security update for the Galaxy S20 series alongside updates for the camera.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Stories April 1

Smartphones have gotten really expensive, and that’s become very evident with the latest Samsung Galaxy flagships. The Galaxy S20 series starts at $999 and just goes up from there. Now, Samsung is offering to “buy back” Galaxy S20 models for half of the original cost up to two years later.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Stories March 31

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra may get a new color soon, adding life to the boring brick

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra brings a ton to the table, but for an enthusiast phone, its design is rather boring. To give the look some new life, Samsung is apparently adding a new color variant in the not-too-distant future, but we just don’t know which one the Galaxy S20 Ultra will get.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Stories March 28

You can get very, very good smartphones for not a lot of money nowadays. With a low price point, there’s a lot of room for forgiveness. If a feature isn’t perfect, that’s fine! It was a good value after all. As prices go up, though, room for quirks and issues quickly dries up. At $1,400, customers are right for expecting a phone that’s basically perfect and with its Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung tries to deliver that, but fails in one key area — a key area that also happens to be the main marketing point.

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