Samsung Galaxy S20 Stories March 28

You can get very, very good smartphones for not a lot of money nowadays. With a low price point, there’s a lot of room for forgiveness. If a feature isn’t perfect, that’s fine! It was a good value after all. As prices go up, though, room for quirks and issues quickly dries up. At $1,400, customers are right for expecting a phone that’s basically perfect and with its Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung tries to deliver that, but fails in one key area — a key area that also happens to be the main marketing point.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Stories March 27

Galaxy S20 gains new features with Samsung DeX desktop, thanks to One UI 2.1

Samsung has now confirmed that the One UI 2.1 update for the Galaxy S20 series brings with it a series of new features for the DeX desktop mode, such as window snapping when using a mouse, plus more.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Stories March 26

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series is comprised of three excellent smartphones, but it seems Samsung is having trouble moving units. According to a report from Korea, Samsung’s Galaxy S20 sales might only be roughly half of what the Galaxy S10 sold in the same amount of time.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Stories March 24

The Galaxy S20 series has been on the market for a few weeks now and, as we published in our full review, the battery life is pretty good even with the 120Hz refresh rate enabled! Now, the folks at Anandtech have published an extensive test to show just how much of an impact 120Hz has on a Galaxy S20’s battery, as well as showing how Exynos differs.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Stories March 21

Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 series is full of some really great flagship phones, but they suffer a bit in the camera department. After promising to fix issues, Samsung is now rolling out a new update for the Galaxy S20, which apparently focuses on camera and autofocus qualms.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Stories March 18

Like any other new smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series has been experiencing some bugs and issues following its launch. Now, some Galaxy S20 owners are reporting a GPS lock issue when using apps such as Google Maps and Waze.

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