Tasker Stories July 8, 2022

Tasker 6.0.9 brings simple Tasky UI and presets to all users

After initially being made available as part of the beta channel, Tasker 6.0.9 is bringing the simple Tasky UI and thousands of preset routines to all users of the automation app.

Tasker Stories March 31, 2022

Tasker 6.0.1 beta improves Tasky accessibility and performance, adds new features

After launching the simplified Tasky in the previous update, Tasker 6.0.1 beta is now tweaking the feature while adding some new automation options for longtime users.

Tasker Stories March 23, 2022

Tasker 6.0 beta adds simple ‘Tasky’ UI for automation novices

If there is one criticism leveled at Tasker, it’s the ease at which first-timers can get into the automation app. Thanks to Tasker 6.0 beta, a new easy mode UI called “Tasky” could change the experience for beginners and novices.

Tasker Stories February 15, 2022

Tasker’s upcoming Android 13 features teased w/ custom Quick Settings tiles, more

Just a few short days after the launch of Android 13 Developer Preview 1 Tasker developer João Dias is teasing us with new features and functions for the automation app.

Tasker Stories November 2, 2021

Google introduced a neat and useful concept to Android 11 with a power menu that integrated smart home controls from Google Assistant and cards from Google Pay. However, that functionality was stripped entirely from Android 12, much to the chagrin of fans. Thankfully, Tasker adds a way to bring power menu controls back to Android 12, though with a slight catch.

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Tasker Stories March 1, 2021

Tasker beta 5.12.3 adds ability to track your sleep

The latest Tasker 5.12.33 beta is now rolling out and allows you to create rudimentary routines that track your sleep patterns.

Tasker Stories February 12, 2021

Tasker beta 5.12.0 adds native JSON and HTML reading, more

For auto-scheduling and more, Tasker is the undoubted automation King on Android. With Tasker beta 5.12.0, the most powerful smartphone automation tool is adding native JSON and HTML reading, plus some other neat little tricks.

Tasker Stories January 27, 2021

After numerous updates and upgrades, Tasker version 5.11.4 has now gained support for running tasks right from your Google Assistant.

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Tasker Stories January 20, 2021

Tasker 5.11 adds ability to automatically block calls, plus more

While it proves to be one of the more daunting device automation apps on the Play Store, Tasker 5.11 is now rolling out with some notable improvements and the ability to screen calls before they even start ringing.

Tasker Stories October 7, 2020

Tasker 5.10.1 now includes support for Power Menu actions, more

After initially coming to the popular automation app Tasker in beta, the stable version 5.10.1 now includes full support for Android 11’s new Power Menu actions.

Tasker Stories November 6, 2019

Despite being one of the signature features of the Google Pixel 4, Motion Sense has many, many limitations. Even if you live in one of the regions where Motion Sense is allowed, only certain apps and games can use the gestures. Thankfully, on rooted a Pixel 4, you can now connect Motion Sense to Tasker, creating nearly infinite possibilities.

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Tasker Stories November 19, 2018

We reported last week that popular Android automation app, Tasker, had been denied access to call logs and SMS send, receive and read functions. That meant the disabling of a multitude of app features due to Google’s policy to protect the privacy of users. Google has since restored Tasker access to these functions so long as the developers adhere to some rules and regulations. expand full story

Tasker Stories January 30, 2017


Google Home is an excellent device, but it’s obvious that Google could be doing a lot more with it. Tying Google Home with Google’s mobile apps and just Android in general could prove ridiculously powerful, but we’ve only seen that on a minor scale so far. With AutoVoice, though, you can unlock what Google Home is really capable of, and it’s pretty awesome.

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