Google Data Center Stories December 16, 2020

Google has a 2030 goal to use carbon-free electricity around the clock, and it’s now working to achieve that by switching its Belgium data center away from backup diesel generators to batteries. 

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Google Data Center Stories May 21, 2020

Cows responsible for short outages to Google fiber network

Managing infrastructure for services with billions of users is already challenging without work from home-related traffic surges. As Google recently discovered, grazing cows are apparently something else to keep an eye on when trying to prevent network outages.

Google Data Center Stories April 22, 2020

Google has been purchasing 100% renewable energy for the past three years, with the end goal of having its data centers be 24×7 carbon-free. To achieve this, the company is implementing a carbon-intelligent computing platform that factors processing urgency and how much solar/wind energy is available.

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Google Data Center Stories September 20, 2019

Google investing €3 billion to expand European data centers

After announcing the biggest corporate renewable energy purchase yesterday, Google today detailed more infrastructure spending. Over the next two years, Google will invest €3 billion to expand its European data centers.

Google Data Center Stories July 1, 2019

Google this year announced that it is spending $13 billion on new or expanded offices and data centers in the United States. The latest site is in Nevada, with Google breaking ground today on a new data center and Cloud region. expand full story

Google Data Center Stories June 18, 2019

The goal of a “circular economy” is to minimize waste and maximize the use of finite resources. Google is now setting out to apply this economic system to its operations, products, and supply chains with the “Circular Google” initiative.

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