Google Data Center Stories February 15

Report: Google criticized for ‘extensive’ use of NDAs with cities when building data centers

The past week in big tech criticism has been centered around Amazon’s pull out of New York for its HQ2 after local complaints over tax breaks. A new report today looks at Google’s use of non-disclosure agreements when building out data centers around the U.S.

Google Data Center Stories February 13

At the start of last year, Google detailed plans for new or expanded offices and data centers in 14 states across the country. Sundar Pichai today announced another U.S. expansion to the tune of $13 billion throughout 2019.

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Google Data Center Stories August 17, 2018

In Android 9 Pie, Alphabet’s DeepMind division is responsible for machine learning features like Adaptive Battery and Brightness. One of the first collaborations between the two companies was an AI system tasked with increasing energy efficiency at Google’s data centers. Two years later, an AI has been granted direct control over cooling these servers.

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Google Data Center Stories July 31, 2018

Google is rapidly growing its global infrastructure after just announcing its first private trans-Atlantic fiber cable earlier this month. The latest expansion involves a new data center in Singapore to serve the Southeast Asia region.

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Google Data Center Stories April 23, 2018

Google’s U.S. data centers have generated $1.3 billion in economic activity and 11,000 jobs

Earlier this year, Google announced an expansion of its U.S. offices and data centers. The cloud facilities are often touted by the company as helping the surrounding community with a new report today quantifying the exact economic contributions made when Google builds a data center.

Google Data Center Stories April 9, 2018

Google to power Georgia data center w/ solar energy, breaks ground on new Alabama site

Just last week, Google announced that it purchased enough renewable energy in 2017 to match global usage from its data center and offices. Today, it is purchasing a significant amount of solar power for its Georgia cloud facility, while also breaking ground on a new site in Alabama.

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