Google Daydream Stories October 19

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Google Daydream (2nd gen.) is now available to purchase on the Google Store

Announced on October 4th at the Made by Google event in San Francisco, the new Daydream View is now available for purchase on the Google Store. Visiting the Google Daydream page between then and now presented you with an option to join a waitlist, but now you can give Google your $99 if you want.

Google Daydream Stories October 4

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Google Daydream can finally Cast to your TV without any workarounds, here’s how

Google has worked hard to create both the Cardboard and Daydream platforms to make it easy for all users to access VR. Just slip your smartphone into one of the compatible headsets and escape into a virtual world. But by doing this, you’re isolating yourself. Thankfully Google now allows you to share what you see with those around you by merely Casting the display to Chromecast devices…

Google Daydream Stories September 26

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Chrome now allows any webpage to be displayed in Daydream VR

Web browsing is slowly making its way to virtual reality, and Google is pushing for developers to support the new “WebVR” platform. However, not everyone supports it just yet. Previously, that meant those websites couldn’t be viewed in a VR headset, but now, they can.

Google Daydream Stories September 19

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Google’s mobile VR platform Daydream has grown a lot over the past year, but the hardware hasn’t changed at all. Google’s Daydream View has been the only option, and it’s definitely not perfect. Now, it looks like Google is planning to refresh it at the upcoming October 4th event.

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Google Daydream Stories September 7

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With many recent and upcoming phones now Daydream-ready, Google’s VR platform is beginning to gain traction, especially as standalone headsets are coming later this year. The company has now launched new developer tools for building and learning in VR.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Daydream Stories September 6

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With Galaxy Note 8 units shipping out now to customers that pre-ordered the handset, a lot of people will soon have their hands on Samsung’s latest and greatest. The Note 8 is packed to the gills with various features and settings to mess around with, and we now have confirmation that Google’s Daydream VR platform will be supported on the phone out of the box.

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