Google Camera Stories November 13

For previous generation Pixel phones, the last major Camera update was in August and saw Night Sight elevated to the main interface. Google Camera 7.2 — which first rolled out on the Pixel 4 — is now coming to older Pixel devices via the Play Store.

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Google Camera Stories November 11

Pixel 4’s camera can do a lot, but one of the most interesting new features is its ability to adjust the white balance of a photo to make things look more natural. It’s a great idea in theory, but as some users have pointed out, the camera on the Pixel 4 and its white-balance “fix” can sometimes throw off the colors of a photo quite dramatically.

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Google Camera 7.2 on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 has quietly added some Lens features, including the ability to scan documents, copy text, and translate languages.

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Google Camera Stories October 23

Download Google Camera 7.2 with Pixel 4 and font size tweaks

There have been a flurry of Google Camera developments over the past few months, from Night Sight’s elevation in the main interface, to 7.0’s big visual revamp. Following the Pixel 4’s launch, Google Camera 7.2 is rolling out with a handful of tweaks.

Ahead of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL’s official launch tomorrow, Google Camera 7.2 is beginning to roll out. There are a handful of minor day one tweaks to the client, including the ability to enable H.265/HEVC video recording on the new phones, while the app now respects system font size preferences.

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Google Camera Stories October 10

Just over a week ahead of the Google Pixel 4 launch, we’ve obtained what will likely be the official version of the Google Camera app to launch on the new phone. Google Camera version 7.1 preps the previously seen “Dual Exposure” controls, adds info on the downsides of saving depth data on the Google Pixel 4, and the exact apps compatible with “Social Share.”

Update 10/10: Another new feature, “Frequent Faces,” has been uncovered in an unexpected place.

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