Nest Aware Stories June 4

Another Google Nest Aware promo offers free Nest Hub, gives Nest Mini instead [Updated]

Earlier this week, Google sent out emails to some subscribers who had signed on to the company’s new Nest Aware plans offering a free Nest Hub smart display. Now, another email is going out that promises the same, but the end result is a completely different product.

Nest Aware Stories June 2

Just a week after giving free Nest Mini speakers to YouTube Premium subscribers, Google has another promo going on. Today, some Nest Aware subscribers are getting emails offering a free Google Nest Hub, but the codes, unfortunately, aren’t working.

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Nest Aware Stories May 13

Nest Aware: What you need to know about Google’s new smart home subscription

Google’s Nest lineup delivers cameras, thermostats, and security hardware that’s easy to use, but prices can definitely add up. Recently, Google started rolling out a brand new Nest Aware plan to its customers which cut costs. Should you upgrade? Which plan should you buy? Let’s discuss.

Nest Aware Stories May 12

At Made by Google 2019 in October, Google Nest announced a revamp of its subscription services program that was set to launch in “early 2020.” The new Nest Aware is rolling out this week with sign-ups now open.

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