Google Trips Stories November 10, 2020

For users that have Location History enabled, the Timeline view in Google Maps provides a nice visualization of where they’ve been. The Timeline is soon coming to Google Photos, and will be augmented by a “Trips” view in Maps. 

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Google Trips Stories August 7, 2019

Google Trips is now no longer receiving updates or support. That means you’ll be wanting an alternative if you loved the trip-planning app.

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Google Trips Stories August 6, 2019

Google Travel was revamped on the web last month with many of the features found in Google Trips. Version 1.14 on Android today confirms that the standalone mobile clients will be “sunset” as functionality is integrated into Google’s other services.

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Google Trips Stories May 14, 2019

Google has a number of very useful travel services integrated into Search. The company is now bringing together all these tools on the desktop web with a beautiful Material Theme. However, this new web experience comes at the expense of the Google Trips app for Android and iOS.

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Google Trips Stories July 23, 2018

Google’s transition to update all of its apps with the Material Theme is well underway. A new video now shows off elements of the company’s new design language, while featuring various concepts for refreshed Google apps and services.

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Google Trips Stories December 14, 2017

Google’s suite of travel applications and services are already gearing up for the next traveling season with a number of updates today. Google Flights will now use its machine learning smarts to track hotel prices, while Trips is adding a new Discounts feature.

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Google Trips Stories September 7, 2017

It can sometimes be hard to keep track of all the services/apps that Google has to offer, but among them, three that can be the most helpful for planning and organizing a trip or vacation include Trips, Flights, and Destinations. Today, Google is releasing these three services in a host of new countries and languages.

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Google Trips Stories April 26, 2017

Announced last year, Google’s smart travel assistant app is getting updated with a number of sorely needed features. Available for both Android and iOS, Google Trips now has a share feature and the ability to manually add more types of reservations.

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Google Trips Stories September 19, 2016


Google has today introduced Google Trips, a new app that lets you manage and organize everything about your vacations in one place. The app tries to solve a big pain point with international travel — internet access — by automatically storing all your trip information offline, and it also makes suggestions during your trip based on what’s nearby to craft the perfect day plans… expand full story

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