Googleplex Stories August 6

Google unveils the new Android Pie statue at the Googleplex

Google has followed this morning’s launch and reveal that Android 9 is named “Pie,” with a new Android figurine at the Googleplex moments ago. As is tradition, the green droid is accompanied by the corresponding dessert for the year.

Googleplex Stories February 27, 2017

Update 3/10: The Mountain View City Council approved the Charleston East project earlier this week. Work on the new Google building will begin in April and will approximately take two years.

Back in 2015, Google shared its vision for a radical Mountain View campus that incorporated lightweight, movable structures. The company revised its concept after a roadblock, leading to a more modest building. Last month, the company shared its latest plans, with new images and more details about the tent-like structure.

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Googleplex Stories July 12, 2016

In March, Google shared its ambitious plan for a futuristic expansion of its Mountain View headquarters. Those plans were derailed in May after LinkedIn won the bid on the valuable real estate required for development. Google and LinkedIn have now announced a “grand bargain” that will allow both to fulfill their campus ambitions.

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Googleplex Stories July 5, 2016

According to Mercury News, a man behind a series of attacks on Google’s Mountain View campus was charged with arson last week. Fearing that Google was tracking and watching him, Raul Murillo Diaz threw Molotov cocktails at a Street View vehicle, shot the windows of several buildings, and possibly burned a self-driving car.

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Googleplex Stories March 15, 2016

Google’s expansion plans for its Mountain View HQ have been progressing rather slowly, but the company has now given the go-ahead for local planning officials to release the renders of the structures it hopes to build next to its existing Googleplex head office.

The company originally submitted plans for a combination of one dome-like structure and a second building looking like a giant tent. As BizJournals now reports, the latest version appears to have abandoned the dome in favor of a lower-profile structure designed to blend into the local environment (more images below).

Once the campus is complete, you’ll be able to take a walk through it …

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Googleplex Stories October 15, 2014

As is tradition, Google now has a Loli statue in its Android statue garden commemorating the 5.0 L release of Android. Via +AlexRuiz.

Update: Here’s the video unveil

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