LG Velvet Stories April 15

While LG is done with smartphones, the company is fulfilling its promise of still supporting existing models. Now, the LG Velvet is getting its Android 12 update.

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LG Velvet Stories April 10, 2021

LG Velvet gets Android 11 in the US, Verizon first in line

The LG Velvet is the company’s last mainstream premium smartphone, but even with the company pulling its resources from the smartphone business, updates are still rolling out. This week, Android 11 was spotted rolling out to the LG Velvet in the United States.

LG Velvet Stories March 11, 2021

The rollout of Android 11 has been remarkably quick so far, but that’s thanks especially to Samsung being far ahead of its original schedule. LG, on the other hand, has only rolled out the update to one device, and the company’s official schedule paints a picture that’s even grimmer.

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LG Velvet Stories September 3, 2020

The LG Velvet launched earlier this year in a few regions around the globe, but the company was silent on a US debut. Today, LG has confirmed that Velvet will arrive Stateside starting July 22nd. Here’s what you need to know.

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LG Velvet Stories July 28, 2020

Looking at the smartphone market, there aren’t many stories as unfortunate as LG’s. Well, aside from HTC. Anyway, LG once pushed the Android market forward in more ways than one, but just a few years later it felt like the company just couldn’t keep up or come up with anything on its own. The LG Velvet is a soft reset of the company’s mainstream smartphone, and it gets a lot right.

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LG Velvet Stories July 22, 2020

LG Velvet won’t be sold unlocked in the United States

A while after debuting internationally, the LG Velvet arrived in the United States today. Bad news, though. LG Velvet will only be sold through carriers, not unlocked.

LG Velvet Stories June 15, 2020

LG’s latest attempt in the smartphone space launched earlier this year in the LG Velvet, but the company was pretty quiet on how widely the phone would be available. Now, the LG Velvet has been confirmed to launch in Europe, North America, and several other regions around the globe.

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LG Velvet Stories June 10, 2020

LG Velvet pops up w/ two-year-old Snapdragon 845 in some regions, 4G only

The LG Velvet marks a new era for the South Korean smartphone maker, and now the company appears to be releasing a new variant. An “LG Velvet 4G” just popped up in some regions packing a Snapdragon 845 chipset under the hood.

LG Velvet Stories May 7, 2020

After teases and leaks, the LG Velvet has now finally been officially unveiled in South Korea.

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LG Velvet Stories April 28, 2020

LG Velvet — the phone we once thought was the LG G9 — is being officially launched next week. That isn’t stopping LG, though, from detailing the Velvet’s full spec sheet, cameras, and more.

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LG Velvet Stories April 24, 2020

It’s a weird time to launch a smartphone given we don’t have major events like MWC and smartphone makers can’t have in-person launch events or briefings. Still, companies are finding their way to market and, now, LG has officially announced the launch date of its LG Velvet smartphone.

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LG Velvet Stories April 18, 2020

Between reports and official teasers, LG has been prepping something brand new for its Android smartphones. Tonight, LG has officially announced the “LG Velvet,” the first in a new line of phones that emphasizes design over specs.

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LG Velvet Stories April 9, 2020

Reports have been coming out for the past couple of weeks regarding LG ditching its “G” series of smartphones in exchange for a completely revamped smartphone lineup. Now, LG is showing off the first glimpse at that new smartphone lineup which includes a completely revamped design language.

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LG Velvet Stories April 6, 2020

Report: LG G9, or whatever it’s called, launches May 15

According to the latest report out of Korea, LG has big plans for May. Apparently, the company is gearing up to launch the LG G9 — or whatever it’s called — on May 15.

LG Velvet Stories March 30, 2020

LG’s G series lineup has been around for years, but it has been seeing less and less success as of late as the company’s V series becomes a fan favorite. Now, reports from Korea claim that LG has decided to ditch the “G” series branding altogether.

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LG Velvet Stories March 23, 2020

LG just launched its V60 ThinQ this week without some flagship options, but with Qualcomm’s 5G-packing Snapdragon 865. Now, reports out of Korea claim that the LG G9 ThinQ might step down to a Snapdragon 765, just like we’re expecting Google to do with its Pixel 5.

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LG Velvet Stories January 3, 2020

LG doesn’t have a huge presence in the Android world that it once had, but the company is still putting out some decent Android devices. Today, the first leak of LG’s 2020 flagship, the LG G9, has hit the web showing us what to expect later this year.

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