Personal Safety Stories November 9

Safety Check on Google Pixel can share your location in dangerous situations; here’s how to use it

Google’s safety suite on the Pixel series can legitimately be a lifesaver. One Pixel feature, “Safety Check,” keeps your friends and family updated on your whereabouts when you most need it. Here’s how it works.

Personal Safety Stories October 1

We now know what the Google Photos watch face we spotted last month looks like, with Play Store listings today also showing off more of Google Home and Personal Safety for the Pixel Watch.

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Personal Safety Stories August 4

Emergency SOS 911 calling on Pixel: How to disable it and why you may want to

The Pixel’s Emergency SOS feature that contacts 911 can be an absolute lifesaver. It can also be incredibly easy to accidentally trigger, calling up Emergency services for no actual emergency. This guide will take you through how to disable it if you think that triggering it is way too easy.

Personal Safety Stories June 28

Google seems to be preparing for car crash detection and other Pixel-exclusive Personal Safety features available on other Android phones.

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Personal Safety Stories May 11

Personal safety is a high priority among many people, and in places where emergencies can happen at a moment’s notice, having safety features on Android is high on the list. At Google I/O 2022, Google announced that the Android Earthquake Detection System is expanding further as well as Emergency SOS on Wear devices.

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Personal Safety Stories October 14, 2021

Car Crash Detection is a key part of the Pixel experience, and Google is now updating the Personal Safety app with the ability to automatically record video when you invoke an Emergency SOS. The UI has also been refreshed with Material You.

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Personal Safety Stories October 1, 2019

Yesterday, it was discovered that Google would soon be launching a new app for Pixel phones, called “Personal Safety” that would, among other helpful things, detect car crashes. If you want to test out Personal Safety on your Pixel phone today, here’s where you can download it.

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Personal Safety Stories September 30, 2019

With the Made by Google event still over two weeks away, the Pixel 4 leak train continues running full steam. The latest likely leak of a Made by Google 2019 announcement comes in the form of the Personal Safety app, which, among other things, claims to detect car crashes on Pixel phones.

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