RED Hydrogen One Stories June 3

Earlier today, we had the opportunity to go hands-on with the RED Hydrogen One. During this 45-minute demo period, we got a feel of the handset and saw a demo of the company’s “4-view” 3D display technology. But even with this limited time, it was clear to me that this isn’t a device that should be marketed to consumers.

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Almost a year ago, RED announced the Hydrogen One with a focus on modularity and accessories to serve professionals, as well as a “holographic” display for 3D content consumption. The former feature alone could be a significant justification for why this phone exists, however, what goes unrealized is that RED actually wants to create a consumer phone.

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RED Hydrogen One Stories May 19

Earlier this month, RED announced that it would be delaying its Hydrogen One Android-powered smartphone until August to give it more time to add new features. It was also announced that the company planned to show off the device today, May 19, at its Hollywood studios. Fortunately, some members of the press were on-site and managed to get some first impressions.

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RED Hydrogen One Stories May 17

RED Hydrogen One is coming to AT&T and Verizon ‘later this summer’

Carriers can be fairly picky at times with what they will and won’t offer, but sometimes all of that gets thrown out the window. Today, both AT&T and Verizon announced they will be carrying the RED Hydrogen One. Yeah, really…

RED Hydrogen One Stories May 1

The RED Hydrogen One’s launch has been delayed again

After RED first teased its Hydrogen One Android smartphone early last year, we’ve slowly learned more about the futuristic handset. Unfortunately, as what usually happens when a company tries to make a phone for the first time, the device has been delayed. Thankfully, that extra time will be spent including new features…

RED Hydrogen One Stories January 23

Last year one unexpected announcement came in the form of the Hydrogen One, an Android smartphone from camera maker RED. While we did find out about the ridiculous pricing, most of the details were unknown back at the unveiling. Now, RED is revealing a few more details…

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