RED Hydrogen One Stories April 8

RED Hydrogen One gets long-delayed Titanium variant for $1,600, free to those who pre-ordered

The RED Hydrogen One is the phone that just can’t seem to get a win. After rough reviews and a delayed launch, RED has finally made the Titanium version of its smartphone available for purchase at a hefty cost.

RED Hydrogen One Stories March 12

The RED Hydrogen One has easily been the biggest mess of the past couple of years in Android, and things just continue getting worse. After it was revealed yesterday that RED had removed all mention of the Hydrogen One’s promised modules, the company has put out a statement that only leaves us with so many more questions.

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RED Hydrogen One Stories March 11

There’s usually a phone or two every year that we look back on and cringe. With the RED Hydrogen One, that cringing started before the phone was even released. Now, the one thing that gave us any hope for the device’s future has seemingly been blinked out of existence – RED has removed all mention of the Hydrogen One modules from its site.

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RED Hydrogen One Stories January 3

RED is making ‘Lithium,’ a cinema-quality 3D camera rig for the Hydrogen One

RED makes some of the best cinema-grade camera gear on the market, and that’s a huge reason why the Hydrogen One was a disappointment when it launched in 2018. Now, though, RED is preparing Lithium, a new cinema-quality 3D camera rig which operates using the Hydrogen One as its monitor and controller.

RED Hydrogen One Stories October 29, 2018

The RED Hydrogen One was first announced back in mid-2017. Over a year later and after a handful of delays, it has finally arrived. The device has always been aimed at a niche market, but after using it for a couple of days, I struggle to say it even appeals to them. Let’s take a closer look.

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RED Hydrogen One Stories October 17, 2018

AT&T invited 9to5Google to a special RED Hydrogen One launch event last night with a keynote given by RED founder Jim Jannard. The evening didn’t disappoint with a moving rags to riches, against the odds history of Jannard’s startup exploits at Oakley, which went public in 1995 and sold out to eyewear monopoly Luxottica in 2007. In 2005, Jannard again went up against the establishment and started the RED Cinema Camera Company, which struck it big in the motion picture industry.

Act 2 from RED is the Hydrogen One Smartphone which, as we’ve seen before, is a gargantuan beast of a specs powerhouse. Its standout features, besides the size, are the 3D front and back cameras and screen, which we aren’t allowed to show you on our lame 2D website. But we can show you some new stuff here in our unboxing…

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