Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Stories November 7, 2017

Samsung’s Active series of smartphones have primarily been exclusive to AT&T since its debut. Now, after a few generations, that’s changing, as the company has announced that the ultra-rugged Galaxy S8 Active will be making its way to T-Mobile and Sprint later this month…

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Stories September 28, 2017

Before the water and dust resistant smartphone trend started, Samsung partnered with AT&T to introduce a ruggedized variant of the Galaxy S4. It was branded as ‘Active’ and we’ve seen a new model released every year following the release of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S line.

Since its initial appearance in 2013, though, it has primarily been exclusive to AT&T in the US (minus Sprint carrying the S5 variant back in the day). According to a new report, however, this may soon be changing…

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Stories September 19, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8, Active and Note 8: How to disable the Bixby button

Since its launch, users have been asking Samsung for a way to either disable to remap the physical Bixby button. Although the company has gone out of its way to block third-party applications that did remap the button, Samsung did recently push out an update that allows users to disable the physical Bixby button (to an extent)…

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Stories August 7, 2017

After its fair share of leaks over the past few weeks, Samsung has today officially revealed the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. The rugged Android smartphone brings a lot of what the standard S8 brings in a more durable frame, but only if you happen to be a customer of AT&T.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Stories August 2, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active: New rugged phone unsurprisingly confirmed in an AT&T promotion

We’re expecting Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active to be announced any day now, and thanks to XDA‘s sighting of a new promotion that AT&T is touting, the carrier has (accidentally and unsurprisingly) confirmed the existence of the upcoming rugged phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Stories July 29, 2017

Galaxy S8 Active press render gives us a high-res look at the upcoming rugged flagship

Even though Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is water resistant, the company is still working with AT&T on an Active variant as it has for the past few years. We already know basically everything about the device, but today we’re getting our first high-resolution look at the device.

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