Google Hangouts Chrome app updated w/ redesigned interface, OS X support

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 8.29.15 PMGoogle today updated its Hangouts Chrome app with an entirely new interface. Perhaps more notably than that, the app has support for Mac OS X users in addition to the trio of Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS. The UI has been refreshed to be more similar to the Android version of the app, a trend that has been increasingly common for Google services over the past few months.

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Logitech announces new partnership w/ Nest Protect smart smoke detector

Nest Protect black

Logitech, maker of the popular Harmony series of remotes, announced in a blog post today that it is partnering with Google-owned Nest for deeper integration between their respective products. Logitech says that owners of the latest Harmony remotes can now have all of their entertainment devices automatically power off when a Nest Protect alert begins to sound.

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Microsoft launches Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for Android phones in beta


Microsoft has this morning launched the smartphone counterpart of its previously tablet-only word processing suite for Android. Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps on the Play Store have now—appropriately—ditched the “for Tablet” part of their name, and beta testers now have access to these apps with smartphone support baked right in… Read more

Samsung shares Snapchat Edge-ucation clips featuring Shonduras (Video)

Edge-ucation - Episode 3: Adding Opacity To Doodles - YouTube 2015-05-16 11-53-09

Samsung isn’t one to go light on advertising campaigns. In late April they showed off the “Super Charging” power of the Galaxy S6, they tried hijacking iPhone 6s search results not long after that and, most recently, they pitted the S6 against Jetman Yves Rossy in a fast-charging race. Now, they’re back at it again, this time sharing some Snapchat “Edge-ucation” by way of renowned snapchatter (snapper?) Shonduras… Read more

Official Google I/O app beta channel updated for 2015, download it here

Update: Google has now updated the I/O app in the Play Store with the changes below ahead of May 28 – May 29 event. Grab it on the Play Store now.

The Google I/O app has received a few major updates over the last few years, each one landing right around the time of Google’s huge developers’ conference taking place in San Francisco, California. Now, some users who joined the beta channel of the Google I/O app last year have started receiving the update to its Google I/O 2015 version, and it packs a nifty super-Material redesign…

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Play Store apps can now be listed as ‘coming soon,’ let you ‘pre-register’


As of sometime yesterday, apps in the Play Store can now be listed in search results as “Coming soon”, and clicking on them takes you to a standard listing page that offers the opportunity to “Pre-register”. The first app to take advantage of this functionality is the upcoming Terminator Genisys: Revolution game from Glu… Read more

AppChat heard you like apps, so it lets you chat about your apps in its app

AppChat is a really interesting new app. First released just a week ago in a humble thread on XDA-Developers, the app—which creates little chatrooms for all of your currently-installed apps—has seen the creation of almost 80,000 of these rooms and more than 70,000 messages sent within them. The response has been pretty big, and the app has gone through 6 releases over the last week to make the experience as great as possible.

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Developer builds a diabetes app for continuous blood glucose monitoring on Android Wear

Wearables are slowly but surely making their way into our daily lives, but one very critical aspect—health—is already helping to bring them mainstream. It’s something that every person is conscious of on a daily basis, and wearable device makers—as evidenced by the countless fitness trackers on the market—want to make it easier to stay on top of exercise, diet, and more. But another aspect of our health, chronic illness, is also big opportunity for wearables to make a difference—and they already are.

About half of all American adults have some kind of chronic illness, and diabetes is one of the most common. With the advent of smartwatches, we all now have quick access to at least one useful stat: our heart rate. But what if those with diabetes could just as easily monitor blood glucose levels? No mainstream smartwatch can monitor this alone, yet, but now one developer has released an app for Android Wear that will plug into a Dexcom CGM (continuous glucose monitor), providing glanceable updates every five minutes on blood glucose levels.

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Google reportedly planning to introduce A/B testing for Play Store listings at I/O


According to a report this morning from The Information, Google is planning to introduce an interesting new feature for Play Store listings at this year’s Google I/O developers’ conference. A common practice within apps themselves, new “A/B testing” would allow developers to test multiple versions of their app listings to see which ones bring the most conversions…

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Google Play Store updated w/ new animation, popular quotes from reviews section


Google today has started rolling out an update to the Play Store app that bumps it to version 5.5. The update doesn’t add much, but it keeps with Google’s trend of enhancing the design of its in-house apps. With Play Store 5.5, Google has added a new circular animation that appears when you tap on a TV show title.

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How to capture screenshots and screencasts from your Android device using Android Tool

Monosnap 2015-05-01 15-28-22

If you’re a developer, you’re probably very familiar with the ADB commands used to capture screenshots and screencast video footage from your Android device. If you’re an end-user, you’re probably very familiar with the key combinations used to grab screenshots, and have an app to make those screencasts. Whether you fall into one of these categories or somewhere in between, there’s now a better way to accomplish these tasks—using a brand new app called Android Tool…

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