In this week’s top stories: We give you a brief overview of Google’s forthcoming Fuchsia OS and how it differs from Android and Chrome OS, Google Voice begins laying the groundwork for VoIP, and Google is handing out Moto X4’s to replace dying Nexus 5X units. We kick things off this week with an overview of Fuchsia OS, which theoretically could supplant both Android and Chrome OS. We talk about its various features and how it’s unique from Android and Chrome OS — and do a quick look at how the user experience of the OS would function.

Also, version 5.7 of Google Voice was rolled out and a teardown reveals that the Android app is laying the groundwork for VoIP. And Google is handing out Moto X4’s to replace dying Nexus 5X units for Project Fi users. The Project Fi-capable device is a pretty stellar replacement, and at $399, it matches up closely with what was spent on the 5X originally.

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