In this week’s top stories: Google’s promised “image obstruction removal’ feature for Google Photos is still unreleased, Google announces the first Chrome OS tablet, and Google launches a developer preview for Wear OS.

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We kick things off this week with questions about what ever happened to the ‘image obstruction removal’ feature promised for Pixel devices. The camera feature supposedly can take a picture and remove things obstructing the main focus of the shot. It seems odd that Google still hasn’t talked about this nearly a year after its announcement.

Also, Google has made an announcement for the first ever Chrome OS tablet. The Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is a new form factor for Chrome OS going directly after the K-12 market. And Google has launched a developer preview for Wear OS. Android P for smartwatches introduces features announced for phones and tablets, a dark UI system theme, and smart battery saving features.

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