Google Contacts Stories November 12, 2018

Following last week’s encouragement that apps adopt dark themes to conserve battery life, Google Contacts is the latest Android client to gain one. In recent weeks, the company has been updating its communication apps, with Google Phone’s dark look already announced and in-development.

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Google Contacts Stories November 1, 2018

Google Contacts has been building out a new design for the past couple of years, and today the company announced that the old version of the interface would be deprecated in favor of the new one. At the same time, though, it looks like a Material Theme redesign is hitting Contacts, catching it up to Gmail and other Google apps.

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Google has been previewing a new design for Google Contacts on the web since 2015, but always retained the previous online version until feature parity. With that milestone now achieved, Google will deprecate the old Google Contacts in February of 2019.

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Google Contacts Stories August 8, 2018

The latest update for Google Contacts is rolling out today with a Material Theme for the Android client. The app’s underlying organization is unchanged with the redesign, but various new elements like Google Sans and white backgrounds are now in use.

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Google removing Contacts shortcut and old interface from legacy Gmail

For the most part, the redesigned Gmail that launched in April maintained feature parity with the previous iteration. However, one minor grievance did emerge over the lack of a Google Contacts shortcut. This was an intentional change with Google now removing the Contacts shortcut and experience from legacy Gmail.

Google Contacts Stories May 2, 2018

For most people, contact management is a constant struggle from adding new ones to efficiently organizing and filling out information. In recent releases, Google Contacts added various smarts to help, with a teardown now revealing work on more accurate suggestions and a widget in version 2.7.

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