Google Contacts Stories October 16

Google announced Trusted Contacts at the end of 2016 as location sharing tailored for family and friends. After nearly four years, a shutdown of Trusted Contacts, in favor of parallel functionality in Google Maps, was announced today.

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Google Contacts Stories September 8

Google Contacts reaches 500 million Google Play Store downloads

The standalone Google Contacts application has now hit an impressive 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store, despite not being pre-installed on all Android devices.

Google Contacts Stories July 16

Google Contacts makes deleting a two-step process with ‘Trash’ folder

Google Contacts will soon gain a fairly standard “Trash” feature, like Gmail, Photos, and even Android. Available on the web, it results in a two-step process for deleting contacts.

Google Contacts Stories June 29

Google Contacts for Android has a very useful row of actions that lets you quick call, text, video, or email. Those in the US also have the ability to send P2P payments, but Google is planning on removing that functionality from Contacts.

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Google Contacts Stories February 28

At this point, most people have moved beyond paper contact books and just keep all of their friends numbers and information in their phone instead. Google Contacts does a great job of saving that information and, now, Google is finally making it possible to backup contacts that were created locally.

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Google Contacts Stories February 25

Google Contacts on the web regains ability to quickly ‘create multiple contacts’

Last February, the old Google Contacts was permanently disabled in favor of the current Material iteration. That was done as feature parity neared, with Google a year later restoring the ability to create multiple contacts.

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