Google Contacts Stories February 19

Google Contacts update finds people not saved to your account in search

Google makes it pretty easy to house all of your contacts in a single location, but sometimes you’ll still shoot emails off to people you don’t have saved or vice versa. Now, Google is making it easier to track down “other” contacts with the latest update to Google Contacts for Android.

Google Contacts Stories January 22

Google Contacts 3.15 bug makes it very slow to open entries

Historically a straightforward application, the default Contacts app on Android is a bit buggy after its latest update. Opening people in Google Contacts 3.15 is remarkably slow and takes a few seconds.

Google Contacts Stories April 26, 2019

Google Contacts adds half-screen floating panel when adding new numbers

In an effort to make it easier for users to input new numbers for contacts, Google Contacts is rolling out a new feature that’s potentially based on Android Slices. The new half-screen panel offers a lot of functionality without pulling you out of the app. Here’s what it does.

Google Contacts Stories April 18, 2019

Google Contacts 3.5.7 adds improved dark theme switcher in settings

Google Contacts last year was one of the first apps to implement a dark theme on Android. Version 3.5.7 today adds a better “Choose theme” switcher in settings that is more apparent to the user and provides additional granularity.

Google Contacts Stories February 21, 2019

Since I/O 2018, the Google Material Theme has rolled out to many first-party apps, with major ones like Gmail for Android just coming aboard. Many of the newer redesigns feature a faster account switcher, with Google Contacts now the latest to adopt this UI element.

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Google Contacts Stories November 12, 2018

Following last week’s encouragement that apps adopt dark themes to conserve battery life, Google Contacts is the latest Android client to gain one. In recent weeks, the company has been updating its communication apps, with Google Phone’s dark look already announced and in-development.

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