Google Contacts Stories August 17

Google Contacts reaches 1 billion downloads on the Play Store

Keeping in touch with your friends and family is much easier if you have their numbers saved, and if you use Android, then it’s almost certain that you’ll use Google Contacts — which has now joined the 1 billion download club on the Play Store.

Google Contacts Stories August 16

Material You can be seen in various parts of the system on Android 12. The next big step for the company’s new design language is app updates, and that started with Google Camera seeing some tweaks this month. Google Contacts is now the inaugural first-party app to get a sizable Material You redesign.

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Google Contacts Stories June 24

Following a slew of Workspace developments in recent weeks, Google Contacts is getting visual tweaks and more information that’s particularly beneficial for people within a company.

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Google Contacts Stories February 4

The latest Google Contacts v3.38 update has added a convenient feature that lets you alter or change your Google Account profile picture from right within the application.

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Google Contacts Stories November 23, 2020

The Gmail side panel today provides quick access to Calendar, Keep, and Tasks. Google is now bringing Contacts to the sidebar for Workspace and personal customers using Gmail. 

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Google Contacts Stories October 16, 2020

Google announced Trusted Contacts at the end of 2016 as location sharing tailored for family and friends. After nearly four years, a shutdown of Trusted Contacts, in favor of parallel functionality in Google Maps, was announced today.

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Google Contacts Stories September 8, 2020

Google Contacts reaches 500 million Google Play Store downloads

The standalone Google Contacts application has now hit an impressive 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store, despite not being pre-installed on all Android devices.

Google Contacts Stories July 16, 2020

Google Contacts makes deleting a two-step process with ‘Trash’ folder

Google Contacts will soon gain a fairly standard “Trash” feature, like Gmail, Photos, and even Android. Available on the web, it results in a two-step process for deleting contacts.

Google Contacts Stories June 29, 2020

Google Contacts for Android has a very useful row of actions that lets you quick call, text, video, or email. Those in the US also have the ability to send P2P payments, but Google is planning on removing that functionality from Contacts.

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Google Contacts Stories February 28, 2020

At this point, most people have moved beyond paper contact books and just keep all of their friends numbers and information in their phone instead. Google Contacts does a great job of saving that information and, now, Google is finally making it possible to backup contacts that were created locally.

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Google Contacts Stories February 25, 2020

Google Contacts on the web regains ability to quickly ‘create multiple contacts’

Last February, the old Google Contacts was permanently disabled in favor of the current Material iteration. That was done as feature parity neared, with Google a year later restoring the ability to create multiple contacts.

Google Contacts Stories February 19, 2020

Google Contacts update finds people not saved to your account in search

Google makes it pretty easy to house all of your contacts in a single location, but sometimes you’ll still shoot emails off to people you don’t have saved or vice versa. Now, Google is making it easier to track down “other” contacts with the latest update to Google Contacts for Android.

Google Contacts Stories January 22, 2020

Google Contacts 3.15 bug makes it very slow to open entries

Historically a straightforward application, the default Contacts app on Android is a bit buggy after its latest update. Opening people in Google Contacts 3.15 is remarkably slow and takes a few seconds.

Google Contacts Stories April 26, 2019

Google Contacts adds half-screen floating panel when adding new numbers

In an effort to make it easier for users to input new numbers for contacts, Google Contacts is rolling out a new feature that’s potentially based on Android Slices. The new half-screen panel offers a lot of functionality without pulling you out of the app. Here’s what it does.

Google Contacts Stories April 18, 2019

Google Contacts 3.5.7 adds improved dark theme switcher in settings

Google Contacts last year was one of the first apps to implement a dark theme on Android. Version 3.5.7 today adds a better “Choose theme” switcher in settings that is more apparent to the user and provides additional granularity.

Google Contacts Stories February 21, 2019

Since I/O 2018, the Google Material Theme has rolled out to many first-party apps, with major ones like Gmail for Android just coming aboard. Many of the newer redesigns feature a faster account switcher, with Google Contacts now the latest to adopt this UI element.

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Google Contacts Stories November 12, 2018

Following last week’s encouragement that apps adopt dark themes to conserve battery life, Google Contacts is the latest Android client to gain one. In recent weeks, the company has been updating its communication apps, with Google Phone’s dark look already announced and in-development.

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Google Contacts Stories November 1, 2018

Google Contacts has been building out a new design for the past couple of years, and today the company announced that the old version of the interface would be deprecated in favor of the new one. At the same time, though, it looks like a Material Theme redesign is hitting Contacts, catching it up to Gmail and other Google apps.

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Google has been previewing a new design for Google Contacts on the web since 2015, but always retained the previous online version until feature parity. With that milestone now achieved, Google will deprecate the old Google Contacts in February of 2019.

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Google Contacts Stories August 8, 2018

The latest update for Google Contacts is rolling out today with a Material Theme for the Android client. The app’s underlying organization is unchanged with the redesign, but various new elements like Google Sans and white backgrounds are now in use.

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Google removing Contacts shortcut and old interface from legacy Gmail

For the most part, the redesigned Gmail that launched in April maintained feature parity with the previous iteration. However, one minor grievance did emerge over the lack of a Google Contacts shortcut. This was an intentional change with Google now removing the Contacts shortcut and experience from legacy Gmail.

Google Contacts Stories May 2, 2018

For most people, contact management is a constant struggle from adding new ones to efficiently organizing and filling out information. In recent releases, Google Contacts added various smarts to help, with a teardown now revealing work on more accurate suggestions and a widget in version 2.7.

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Google Contacts Stories October 9, 2017

Google’s Duo app has been improving a lot in the past several months, and that includes how it integrates with the rest of the Android ecosystem. Now, we’re finding out that Google has even deeper integration coming, and it’s looking pretty awesome…

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Google Contacts Stories October 2, 2017

Google Contacts 2.2 changes detailed, adds large profile photos, customized list view, more

The latest update to Google Contacts has been rolling out for several weeks now, but Google today detailed all the new features. Version 2.2 brings back large contact photos, adds action buttons, and a quick way to sort contacts by labels.

Google Contacts Stories August 14, 2017

Following the release of Google Contacts for most Android devices earlier today, more people than ever now have access to the app. After digging into the latest version of Google Contacts, we managed to enable a couple unreleased features in the latest version that could make managing your contacts with it even easier than it already is…

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One of the highlights for Pixel and Nexus phones is having access to all of the latest and greatest services from Google. Some of these features are limited to Google’s own phones, and while the Google Contacts app was previously one of those, that’s now thankfully changing.

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Google Contacts Stories May 11, 2017

Google Contacts for Android received its last major update in August, with the web app only reaching visual parity earlier this year. Version 2.0 of the mobile app is now rolling out with a number of changes, including a better account switcher and a redesigned people view.

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Google Contacts Stories January 27, 2017


Last year, Google Contacts on Android received a major redesign that introduced a new interface and added several features. In contrast, the web version has been languishing for years with Google’s pre-Material Design style. Today, a significant revamp brings it to visual and feature parity.

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Google Contacts Stories August 29, 2016

Google Calendar 1.5 update

With Google, it’s hit or miss when it comes to how the company designs its apps. It’s also common that a product of Google’s such as Contacts might have a feature on one platform but not on another. With this update to its stock Contacts app, however, users gain the ability to add labels and remove duplicate contacts right from our device.

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Google Contacts Stories June 6, 2016

Google Contacts on the web now shows verified business information from Maps

Despite being announced over a year ago, the revamped Google Contacts web app remains in preview and is still lacking some legacy features. A new feature rolling out today, however, will list verified business information from Google Maps directly in a contact.

Google Contacts Stories May 3, 2016

Google Contacts preview now supports contact import from third-party services

Despite being announced over a year ago, the revamped Google Contacts still remains a preview. An update to the web app today adds the ability to import contacts from a variety of popular third-party services.

Google Contacts Stories August 20, 2014

Google is getting ready to push out the latest update for Google Glass—numbered XE 20.1—and with it is coming some pretty major changes to how contacts are handled, notably allowing users to access all contacts by voice via Google Contacts. Also included in this update is the ability to actually choose which method you would like to use when sending a contact a message—Hangouts, email, or SMS.

Your entire phone address book is now available on Glass thanks to Google Contacts. You can access 20 of your most recent and starred contacts by voice and the rest are just a swipe away. Starring a contact is really easy. Just find them in your phone and click the star. If the star is filled in, then the contact has been favorited.

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Google Contacts Stories July 16, 2014

Google continues enterprise push for Google apps with delegated contacts search

Google has announced a new feature for enterprise users of Google Apps: the ability for assistants and other team members to search for particular people in their boss’s contacts list.

Contacts delegation allows enterprise users to delegate full access to the contacts in their “My Contacts” group without granting access to their mail or anything else in their accounts. […]

To save users time when locating specific delegated contacts, we’ve now added search functionality. Delegates can search delegator contacts by selecting the delegator contact group in the navigation pane, and then searching.

It’s not the most exciting of new features, but is one of those small things that can make a worthwhile difference to a PA who might have to contact a dozen or more people a day – and every improvement like that helps Google build its case for broader enterprise adoption of Google Apps.

Google Contacts Stories June 5, 2013

Google announces CalDAV and CardDAV APIs now available to all

Back in March, Google made the announcement that it would be shutting down its CalDAV API, which allows developers to fetch Google calendar data, to the public and restricting it to only to whitelisted developers. Today the company has reversed its decision and announced on its Developers Blog that the API will continue to be available to the public.

On top of that announcement, Google is making CardDAV, the open protocol for syncing Google contacts that it introduced last year, available to everyone starting today:

In response to those requests, we are keeping the CalDAV API public. And in the spirit of openness, today we’re also making CardDAV – an open standard for accessing contact information across the web –available to everyone for the first time.

Google outlined some other updates to the APIs:

Both of these APIs are getting other updates as well:

In addition, the CalDAV API now has a new endpoint:

Google Contacts Stories April 4, 2012

Google+ now displays Google Contacts data in friends’ profiles.

“Many of you, like me, use Google Contacts to manage your personal address book. If that’s the case, then starting today we’ll include this contact info on your friends’ Google+ profiles — for your eyes only, of course,” announced Product Manager Sean Purcell on Google+.

Thus, Gmail and Android users’ Google Contacts are now integrated with the social network. For example: If a coworker has a new number recently stored in Google Contacts, it will automatically sync with Google+ in the  “Details from Google Contacts” section. Purcell also provided a visual example of the new feature in the above image.

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Google Contacts Stories September 21, 2011

Google Apps customers can now roll revert changes to contacts for up to a month.

Google announced customers who host their domain on Google’s servers are now able to take advantage of the Contacts interface which has been available in consumer Gmail for some time. Users of Google Apps for Enterprise will notice that adding new contact information now defaults to “Work” instead of “Home”. Thanks to the prettified interface, you can quickly add email addresses to groups, and pick from a contact’s multiple email addresses to use on a group-by-group basis. Most importantly, the new Contacts manager lets you undo contacts import and go back in time up to a month in order to salvage deleted or merged contacts.

Add multiple contacts to a group in a snap.

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Google Contacts Stories August 4, 2011

Two nice-to-haves discovered earlier this week over at the Google Operating System blog. The first deals with using templates in Google Contacts. You can choose between two templates by hitting the More Actions button when creating a new contact: Standard and Business. The latter has added custom fields such as job title, company name, mobile phone and work phone. Hopefully, Google will allow us to edit and create our own templates in the future.

The other feature available in the Google Translate service seeks to tap the crowd-sourced knowledge in order to improve the quality of translations. From now on, you can mark each individual translation as Helpful, Not helpful and Offensive by clicking the Rate Translation button. Also, you can click on the translated word and up pops a menu with alternate translations that you can re-order by holding down the Shift key and drag the words around.

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