Google Pixel C Stories April 10, 2018

Google Assistant now works on the Pixel C

When Google Assistant first launched, it was exclusive to Pixel devices, except for one, the Pixel C tablet. Now, it’s been a few months since Assistant expanded to Android tablets, and far longer since it debuted on all Android devices, and today it’s finally available on the good ol’ Pixel C…

Google Pixel C Stories March 7, 2018

Google drops support for Nexus 5X and 6P in Android P Preview, Pixel C also dropped

It feels like it was just yesterday that I dropped my Nexus 6P on the concrete getting out of my car. On that day in 2016, I put my Nexus 6P to rest — thankfully only for a few weeks before I got my Pixel. But after many deaths it has already endured, Nexus is dying yet again today. The latest major release of Android, Android P, will never be released on the platform.

Google Pixel C Stories December 29, 2017

Tablets aren’t exactly a thriving breed; people who want a high-performance tablet for whatever reason are pretty much stuck at this point with choosing between one of Apple’s iPad models (and there are many) or a Samsung Galaxy Tab. But now that it’s discontinued, I think it’s time to a take a look once again at Google’s Pixel C tablet, which was announced way back in 2015… a time long, long ago… before Google (seemingly) gave up on the idea of a tablet running Android.

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Google Pixel C Stories December 28, 2017

Launched as a premium tablet in late 2015, the Pixel C is no more following its removal from the Google Store. For several months now, the large screen Android device was already not available for purchase in the U.S. and now the product page has been removed, while the Google Store also drops its tablet category.

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Google Pixel C Stories December 11, 2017

Google addresses Pixel C issue that reset tablets after Android 8.1 OTA

With Android 8.1 bringing features found on the Pixel 2 to older devices, the Pixel C has also gained some updates in the form of a revamped launcher. However, the OTA did not go smoothly for early users, with some finding their tablets wiped following installation.

Google Pixel C Stories November 29, 2017

Android just keeps getting better and better on phones, but Android tablets are very much neglected. There haven’t been any meaningful improvements to Android on tablets in years, but Google hasn’t totally forgotten them. In the latest Android 8.1 preview, the Pixel C tablet has gotten just a bit of attention.

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