HTC Sense Stories March 1, 2015


One of the worst-kept tech secrets in recent memory, the HTC One M9 was finally announced today on stage by CEO Peter Chou at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. None of the specs were much of a surprise though the 20 megapixel sapphire camera and new configurable DotView cover will make some headlines. Under the hood is Qualcom’s new flagship 810 processor which HTC calls the fastest mobile processor in the world.

As for the appearance, I’m not sure I’m a fan of the Dual-Tone finish tweeted below but that beats the Pink version of the M9 IMHO.

Me? I’ll skip the Sense 7 and will take a GPE if/when it comes out thank you very much.

Huge gallery and hands-on video below. We’ll have more HTC updates as they happen. expand full story

HTC Sense Stories November 19, 2014

A series of screenshots have surfaced on Twitter that appear to provide a first look at Android Lollipop overlaid with HTC Sense on the HTC One (M8). Given that HTC Sense uses a similar design language as Google, the custom skin does not make Android Lollipop look overly different compared to the stock version. expand full story

HTC Sense Stories September 11, 2014

HTC Lock Screen now available at Google Play

Today, HTC continued its trend of separating its Sense software by releasing its homegrown lock screen to Google Play. The lone change for this quasi-app is listed as a “mechanism to prevent you from unintentionally triggering factory reset.” Compatible with newer HTC devices running Sense 6, this app has likely been added to the Play Store to help the company crank out faster updates for specific software.

HTC Sense Stories April 23, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 6.00.24 PM

Given that the original HTC One (M7) was available in various colors, it only seems likely that its successor will also be offered in a variety of shades. Notorious Twitter leaker @evleaks has leaked a picture of the HTC One (M8) in a new red color. The device will reportedly be a Verizon exclusive, as evident by the Verizon and 4G LTE branding on the back.

The back of the device is entirely red, with the exception of the branding, camera, and a few black accents. Unlike the red Nexus 5, the front of the device is also red, aside from a small black bezel around the display.

Other than the new red color, the device has the same Sense 6 overlay, Duo Camera, BoomSound speakers, and unibody design. We wouldn’t expect to wait too long for an official announcement from Verizon and/or HTC.

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HTC Sense Stories March 25, 2014

HTC adds key Sense apps to Play Store to make updating easier

After months of leaks, HTC just unveiled the new One (M8) on stage in New York City, and with it comes a bit of software news, as well. Overnight, HTC added all of its key Sense apps to the Play Store in order to make updating them easier. Motorola also did this with the Moto X and it has turned out to be a big success.

Having each individual app on the Play Store means that HTC can quickly and easily push updates without having to issue a full OTA device update, which requires carrier approval. And as we are all well aware of, it can take awhile for carriers to approve updates. HTC can now release updates just as any third-party developer would.

HTC has added the following apps to the Play Store: BlinkFeed, Gallery, SenseTV, Service Pack, and a companion app for their Fetch accessory.

Play Store links: BlinkFeed | Service Pack | Gallery | SenseTV | Fetch

HTC Sense Stories March 2, 2014

Rumors of HTC’s upcoming flagship have been around for a while now, especially now that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has been announced. HTC has an event scheduled for March 25th, but that hasn’t stopped numerous pictures of the device from being leaked, including a clear press shot of the device in gold. Now, a kid from Schaumburg, IL has posted an exhaustive 12-minute hands-on video with the device, nearly three weeks ahead of the phone’s official unveil.

The video doesn’t show a lot that we didn’t already know. We do get to see the latest version of HTC Sense in great detail. The kid calls it Sense 6.6, which doesn’t seem very logical, as it is expected to be Sense 6.0. The video also shows the welcomed addition of a microSD card. Most notably, there are now two rear cameras, as expected, while the power button has been moved to the top right and the headphone jack to the bottom. The camera interface has also been greatly simplified with a focus on speed. There are six shooting modes, as well, including: Camera, Video, Selfie, Zoe, 360 Panorama, and Dual Capture.

HTC is set to officially unveil the device on March 25th, but in the meantime, checkout the video up above and let us know if you notice anything neat. Full gallery of images below:

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